Tuesday, January 22, 2008


How much of a car dork am I?

Well, I first drove a car when I was 7 years old. My Father's parents had stopped by. It was a sunny day and I could not resist the white Ford Mustang Convertible, glistening in the sun, parked on my driveway.

Though I was years away from obtaining the proper license to operate said vehicle, I climbed in the driver's seat, which if memory serves, was covered in white vinyl (Reagan was in office, ya know).

This amounted to my first time driving a stick shift. Naturally, I released the parking brake, and having no expectations, was surprised after I rolled into the 'across the street' neighbors freshly sodded lawn.


Crying followed, to say nothing of my future preference for German and/or Japanese automobiles.

Such early impressions tend to stick with you, and that's all I'll say about that...

PS - I drove a stick shift Ford Mustang GT convertible approximately 13 years later and the bad taste in my throat lingered...the clunky transmission did anything BUT make my nipples hard.



K said...

I don't think I would ever drive an American car.....at least not out of the ones that are out now.

I thought you liked the new Camaro tho? I forgot to ask you if you saw it in person last weekend.

dan said...

i drove a hand me down 78 Mustang II from my brother in law, and then my sisters 72 ford pinto, at in college a 72 ford maverick 4 door which has to be my favorite so far. anyway, now I'm a ford ranger man. ha

eliot said...

i still dont know how to drive a stick shift.

Nate said...

woaaaahh so cool but i prefer chevy, dunno why! and i really cant own anything beside american ones, it makes me sick to death

JUSTIN said...

OKOKOK - I think I need to clarify something important; although I thought that 'Stang was cool when I was 5-6 years old, I have since over the years grown a significantly sophisticated automotive "palette" – you might even call me a car snob. That being said, having owned 2 VW’s and my current Acura, I yearn for some raw fucking torque, perhaps in the form a new Camaro!

Only Mark said...

I'm definitely with you on the German automobiles! Much better cars!

Sorry Dan, but I don't even know why Fords are still on the roads (well, other than their dirt cheap fleet offerings). Fortunately, though, Ford can't build a quality car, so they don't stay on the roads for long, haha. Unfortunately, they keep buying up decent European brands (Volvo, Jag, Range Rover) and running them into the ground. Ugh!

The only American car I'd own is a 'vette...preferably the classic ones. Okay, maybe an old SS Nova too. :)