Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I still might mess around with the new banner a bit as I'm having a lot of fun with pictures as of late. Eventually I'll figure out how to make my banner rotate... perhaps make an automobile that runs on water. Oh, and I'm kinda high so...thus this lame cop out post!

I've been looking at shoes and listening to music and the conclusion that I have just arrived at is this: if anyone else in the Chicagoland area buys these before I do, I'm gonna be pissed.

Roomie just made fun of me again for my burgeoning sneaker fetish. I never thought about it this way before, but I think I just might be "sneaker gay". How would one define such a concept? Like, maybe if everything else I'm wearing is standard issue dude attire but my sneakers are just kinda gay (in a fun, stylish way).

Another thought, T was right...Blitzen Trapper is the SHIT!

Speaking of shit...note the new tag. It might pop up with increasing frequency. Mind you, these are NOT things I need, just some shit I want.


dan said...

very nice, like them funky fall colors. and the banner, also cool.
hot new shoes are always good dude attire, go for it. ha.

W said...

I love people who replace other words with the word 'shit'. I do that quite often, especially when I am having a memory lapse. Is it a Canadian thing?

Very playful colors on those shoes.

I recently bought a pair of pumas and can't wait to flaunt them.

J.R. said...

Radical shoes. Radical banner.

Radical, Justin.

Nothing Golden Stays

jay said...

I see someone read my post of needs versus wants. LOL>

Jessica said...

I'm a total shoe slut. If I didn't have the self-control I do, I'd have a closet full of shoes I'd never worn and never would.

These are really cute. They have that retro look, not unlike the running shoes I'm about to purchase from Nike. I'm trying to convince myself I'll take up running to justify my purchase.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

I love the new border. very nice.

Anonymous said...

Go have fun with the page header, I love what I see so far. Same thing with the shoes, I love them and the color combo.

That was an unbiased assestment on the shoes. if you know what I mean.