Saturday, August 25, 2007


The other night my Roomie and I got a little silly and decided to sign each other's senior yearbooks (even though we were not friends at that time). We had a good time inventing imaginary memories about her having sex in the chemistry lab or me blowing the gym teacher to get out of in-school suspension (neither of which ever occurred, mind you...well the blowing, not the in-school suspension, that shit sucked).

Any who, during my brief walk down memory lane I came across this page towards the end of said yearbook. Upon initial inspection I thought the below inscription was the handiwork of a friend. Then I realized this was evidence of my handwriting, ten years prior to viewing it after having a bit of a smoke. I'm not sure when I was higher, when I signed this initially or ten years later when I remembered that I had done so.

Needless to say, I am not currently worried about explaining anything to any children.


J.R. said...

Your handwriting turns me on.

Nothing Golden Stays

jay said...

Um, J.R and Justin, would you two just do it already? LOL.

Dee said...

And after you two do it will you post about it on your blogs.. LOL