Monday, July 30, 2007


Man, am I glad that day of work is over. Running around the city, drinking with old friends and and staying up much too late really took it out of me this weekend. Thankfully, there was little work that needed to be done today so the balance of Monday was spent reading blogs and various newspapers. A most pleasant surprise greeted me when I checked in on my favorite Chicago photo blog, Looper.

The supremely talented man behind the blog recently choose to leave Chicago (boo!) to fulfill a lifelong dream of his to move to New York City (yay!). In addition to maintaining Looper he also started up a New York photo blog, 24Gotham and, as I discovered today, yet another blog, The New New Yorker. What does this man eat for breakfast? I barely keep one blog up and running, let alone 3!

Check out his various blogs, they are certainly worth your time.

Now I just have one question: is it really common for New Yorkers to use their ovens for storage? If so, I think I'll stay right here in my spacious 2 bedroom Chicago 6 flat...

Oh, and Happy Birthday man!

Off to see the Simpsons Movie!!! (JR, feel free to make fun of me about my excessive use of the exclamation point)!


J.R. said...

I have no urge to make fun. Although, I'd feel a lot better if your threw that last exclamation point inside the parentheses.

24gotham said...

Justin, Thanks for the plug!
The oven is mostly used to store pots and pans because there is no cabinet space. But it is true many NY'ers utilize the oven to store such things as winter sweaters, or summer shorts in the off season. They work with what they have.

Oh, and I can manage the three blogs because I am unemployed! We will see what happens when I am working full time again.