Thursday, July 19, 2007


There's a serious lack of quality of eye candy at my place of employment. I am but one of 25 or so employees and although my office is located in a decent sized office building, it's located in a fading suburb of Chicago and therefore half the building is vacant. What eye candy exists has been burned into my memory and it hardly registers when I pass the few hot guys (like, 3, maybe 4 dudes). However when I see a new attractive man my homo gene tends to go into overdrive.

Today is a good example. Here I am standing outside the door to my building chatting on my phone to a friend when BOOM - Random Hot Guy and his less than hot co-worker appear out of the corner of my left eye. He's a tall, skinny blond guy wearing dress pants that flatter his nice ass. Not wanting to drool I casually glance over as he opens a notebook and writes something down. Then, he looks right at me then quickly away.

I play it cool but since I've played this game before I glance back at him from a safe distance. He says something to his co-worker but as he finished his sentence he looks over his right shoulder back at me. He walks another 20 feet or so before doing the same thing. He opens the back door to his car, sets down his belongings and - looks back over again. He seems to stall while his coworker gets in the passenger seat, opens the driver's side door and looks yet again.

Ugh, random eye contact from random hot guys. I'm not writing this to boast - for all I know he's straight as an arrow but something about how he waited for his co-worker to look away before he looks back at me makes me think he's gay and maybe just a little bit intrigued. I do this all the time, by which I mean wait for little split seconds of time for the person I'm with to look away so I have the chance to check a guy out.

Many a time I've been in the type of situation where I would be embarrassed to admit that I'm checking someone out and when "caught" my standard answer to the "what are you looking at" question posed by a co-worker/family member/friend is something mundane like "I was just thinking about that client's project"/"I thought I knew that person"/"that guy is fucking hot", etc. Oh, the little games we play both inside and outside of our heads...


J.R. said...

"I do this all the time, by which I mean wait for little split seconds of time for the person I'm with to look away so I have the chance to check a guy out."

I'm always doing that myself... and getting caught. Haha. I make up some lame excuse, but I wonder in the back of my mind if they know. I mean, do they really think it's just a coincidence that some hot cowboy in tight wranglers happens to be bending over next to the ad for shoes I'm "thinking of buying??" HAHA.

Maybe after I'm out I can just say, "Look at that cowboy's ass!"

Nothing Golden Stays

firstimpre55ion said...

Hey Justin,

Lord knows how many times I've gotten caught "looking"...with those that know about me and those that don't. A good example is when I was exiting the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a basketball game with a friend who doesn't know about me and I was seriously staring at a cute boy. I started drifting towards the boy rather than towards the exit and my friend was like "Um, the exit is this way!" Definitely left me slightly embarassed, in which I replied, "Oh, I, um zoned out."

Definitely caught with my proverbial pants around my ankles...:X

Love your blog btw! Been reading it via my blog reader...kudos! :D


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Hell I use to do that all the time, now I'm often a little more obvious.

But you're right, I do that too, especially with certain homophobic company.

Dee said...

You and I are in the same boat Justin. In fact just the other day I saw this guy on the El and I could not stop looking at him. He was a older guy but still in great shape. He had on a white t-shirt with black jeans and black / white gym shoes. His shirt fit him very well. I could see his nipples through them. I tried my best not to stare but I could not help it. I caught him looking at me a few times and we both just smiled at each other. Maybe if I see him again I'll get the balls to say something. said...

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