Monday, June 25, 2007


Woot-Woot! While I was "gaying it up" at the Pride Parade yesterday the Cubs were kicking ass and taking names on the South Side. Say what you will about inter-league play but the fact remains that the Cubs prevailed over their South Side rivals and took 3 out of 3 games.

The only guy that's close to my age that works in my office said "Good Morning Justin" as I passed him in the hallway and all I could do was smirk and say "I'm sorry for your loss". Haha, eat it fuckers! You got swept by the Cubs. The Cubs swept you! The Cubs beat you! One more time, YOU GOT SWEPT BY THE CUBS!

OK, that's enough gloating.


james said...

gawd, i wanna puke. and not because my sockies got swept by your cubbies, or because you're gloating over it, but because they got out-played, out-managed, out-hustled and out-smarted by the cubs. uggh. did i just say that? ouch. then i watched the post-series press confs and i hear lou using words like 'invariably,' then ozzie's keywords consisted mainly of 'crap,' as in, 'they played the %$#@ carp out of us,' and 'we play like crap.' nice, very nice, mister pottymouth.
you know what, justin, watching the last few innings of sundays game [after making a brief appearance at da parade] i was kinda sorta rooting against the sox [if not for the cub] because they didn't deserve to win!
well, enjoy the rest of your season. all i've got on you at this point is that scotty pods and robbie mack are cuter than any cubbies. though they'll probably be let go soon...

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Clamp it, Justin.