Monday, June 25, 2007


Four hours into yesterday's Pride Parade I excused myself from the shouting throngs of happy gay people to use the bathroom. Although I was having a most excellent time I left my friends to walk around for a bit and find some shade. During my journey I texted Marco (aka, the Colombian Architect) to see where he was and if he wanted to meet up.

Having found the vicinity where he was located I walked over and looked around but since the general chaos was, well, rather chaotic, I was unable to find him. With the combination of the beer and the sun I was feeling a little light headed and decided to ride the L home and shower and take a brief nap.

Upon awaking from my extended nap I looked at my blinking cell phone and found a text from Marco asking me if I wanted to hang out. Turns out he also had enough Gay Pride for the day and returned home rather than joining his friends at the Boystown bar/club circuit. I extended an invitation for him to come over and he accepted.

Although he lives a short distance from where I live, he had never ventured into my specific neighborhood and was unable to give his cab driver more specific directions other than my address. He exited the cab near the park down the street from me and I made my way over to find him. A little detail, this park is huge - over 50 acres so by the time I walked to where I thought he was, he wasn't there. In fact, in the time it took me to walk over he had walked in the opposite direction (we played a bit of unintentional "Marco Polo").

Eventually we found each other - and when we did his smile was exceeded only by mine. He looked - and smelled, very good. He remarked that I got some sun (I did - like a stupid gringo I did not use sunscreen) and walked back to my place. Being the proper host that I am I gave him the tour and we sat down and talked for over an hour.

At this point I was nervous and he seemed to pick up on this. While talking to him I was trying to locate the source of my nervousness. Though I'm still processing my thoughts I think it had nothing to do with him and everything to do with me. It wasn't as if I was trying to determine if he liked me, but rather if I really, really liked him. Of course, only time can tell what the end result will be - but sometimes I let my thoughts get ahead of my actions (or sometimes vice versa). Anyways, I got up to use the bathroom.

Upon sitting down next to him on the couch we started talking again when I cut him off in mid-sentence and kissed him. Normally I'm not good at making the first move but his adorable, deep brown eyes beckoned me. My actions did not surprise him, in fact, he seemed to be waiting for me to make a move.

After kissing on the couch for some time we moved into the bedroom. Damn, I love the way he says my name. In another post I jokingly remarked that I hope he comes over and talks dirty to me in Spanish. His did not, but whatever he says in English tends to weaken my knees.

We did our thing and were laying bed together and just talked for about 2 hours. He asked so many questions (my favorite was "so - tell me a secret about you..."). Also, we tried to find each others ticklish spots (he succeeded on more than one attempt). Marco also did this super cute thing where his hand "walked" across my torso.

It was getting late and since we both had to work early on Monday, we agreed we needed to call it a night. I walked him up the street to catch a cab (beer in hand - thank you) and waited with him for about 20 minutes before he got picked up.

During this time I was just talking about whatever and I found him staring deeply into my eyes/soul (that sounds super lame - but I don't know how else to explain the look he gave me) and then he said 'I really like you". I asked him how to say that in Spanish and he taught me how to, "Tengo gusto de ti tambiƩn" and soon after his cab receded into the night.

In retrospect, I do not regret what took place last night, although I'll admit we may have moved too fast. I promised myself I would take it slow and as my friend admonished me to "keep my pants on" I did not. Regardless, I'm still a believer in that "regret is a wasted emotion" and that we make the choices we do and that's just that.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Perhaps this is a vague ending to this story (or perhaps just the beginning?) but as I stated previously in this post, I'm still sorting through my emotions and thoughts.

This process continues...


james said...

nothing but big smiles for you, man. hope it is the beginning of something.

Dee said...

Wow sounds like you had more fun after the parade then I did.

Anonymous said...

Panties. I said to leave your panties on. That is the only sex advice my father ever gave me when I was younger, so I won't have you messing it up, buddy. You're a slut, but I love ya'! (P.S.- Weiner and I are staying with you for the weekend after T-giving. Whoop!)

Silly Billy said...

Well, I hope it is just the of luck.

jay said...

Somebody got some! And from the sound of things, it was HOT! I'm glad things are progressing well for you. I agree with Billy, I do hope this is just the beginning.

Sorting through your emotions will take time just don't overthink things. Overthinking always messes me up.