Thursday, June 21, 2007


People might be aware that the Drive By Truckers is easily my favorite band. Which is why I was so disappointed that, Jason Isbell, one of the trio of singer/songwriters announced back in April that he was leaving the band and starting his own. From what Patterson Hood (one of the founders of the band) said on their website, the parting was amicable.

Well, I'm over being disappointed with this change. The song that I included above is amazingly beautiful and I really, really hope he plays it tomorrow night (thanks again T for reminding me about the show - I would have been mega pissed had I missed it). This is so more powerful that any words that I could ever hope to compose, but does a good job of encapsulating my feelings on the war.

It's easy to forget that we are a country at war. I know I do. Frankly, I can hardly bare to read or watch any news about the clusterfuck that is Iraq, mostly because my tax dollars support it and make it possible, which honestly makes me feel guilty. Although we disposed of Saddam I can't say that things are any better than they are now, and in fact they seem to be very worse (this is, of course, nothing new).

Alright, I'm rambling here. I hope you all enjoy the song - it gave me chills. You can almost feel the air being sucked out of the room as the audience is totally silent. I can't imagine what it be like to hear this song live, but I shouldn't have to after tomorrow night. I'm so fucking excited! Oh, and one more thing if you like what you hear check out the song "When the Well Runs Dry" on Jason's myspace page.

Oh, and one more additional thing, the rest of y'all Truckers need git to Chi-Town soon and RAWK my fucking ears!!! Just like this - when you played "Lookout Mountain" @ the Metro on Halloween weekend last year. Damn, that was one fine show. My ears were still ringing the next morning...

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J.R. said...

Very cool song, dude.

Actually, I heard something by the Drive-By Truckers long ago on the radio or in a store and I really loved it, but could never figure what the song was. It haunts me.

(BTW: rad blog, and howdy)

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