Friday, June 15, 2007


While sitting on the couch watching the Cubs game today (which we won - beating the Padres 4-1 on a picture perfect day for baseball at Wrigley Field) I suddenly realized I had not spoken to my Grandfather since my Grandmother's funeral back in May. As they say, baseball legacies are handed down from generation to generation.

Now, my Grandfather is the proud father of 5 girls, so having never had any boys of his own, the connection between him and his daughter's boys is especially close. He is a huge reason why I am a Cubs fan.

My bond with my Grandfather grew exponentially when I told him where I moved to in the city. Turns out he grew up in the same neighborhood where I live. His boyhood home is a half block from the liquor store (which oddly used to be a funeral home back in the day) mere blocks my place. It continues to amaze me how much closer I become to my Grandparents we both get older. It's cool.

Whenever we hang out (and I do consider spending time with my Grandfather as hanging out because I can shoot the shit with him just as I do with any of my friends) the conversation invariably leads to one of three topics: our shared hatred of the George W Bush, the Cubs and Chicago in general, (I especially like the stories he tells me about Lucille Ball shopping in his father's market before she was a celebrity).

Anyways, after the game was over I picked up my cell and dialed up Gramps. It rang four times but he picked it up right as the voice mail message clicked on. "Hello? he replied suspiciously. "Hi Gramps! It's Justin". "Justin! What's up?". Aww, I love my Grandpa. We only spent about 10 minutes on the phone but we talked about the Cubs sudden hot streak, how Bush will likely pardon Scooter Libbey, and, of course, the weather (ugh, it's 110 degrees in Phoenix today - gross).

This was also the first time I've talked to him since my Mom told him that I'm gay. From what she told me that conversation was very low-key and he couldn't care less. I wasn't going to bring it up since it wasn't relevant to our conversation, and neither did he. Fine by me, all I need to know is that he accepts me and I could tell that in his own way he does.

Also not discussed was my Grandmother's passing, or rather what life is like without her. That's a conversation for another time, one that preferably would take place in person. No matter, he was glad that I called. Right before we hung up he told me that I had "made his day". Well, right back at you Gramps, you just made mine.

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james said...

cool, very cool. nice move, justin, not just thinking about him, but giving him a call. i bet you really did make his day.