Tuesday, May 29, 2007


On Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to take my car to the dealership for an oil change. After strolling the parking lot area looking at all the pretty cars, (one day that Lotus Elise will be mine - mark my words), I sat down in the waiting area and started rummaging through the stacks of magazine when I saw The Man of My Dreams.

Couldn't someone have informed me that Grady Sizemore was on the cover of Sports Illustrated? That baby was sleeping very peacefully until I gasped at the site of my man staring back at me. And just when I thought he couldn't get any hotter, I read this:

"...those days sometimes seem as long gone as classic rock and 220.9-inch-long, four-door, 452-cubic-inch-powered luxury convertibles made in Detroit, you haven't seen Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore play baseball -- or drive to work from his downtown Cleveland apartment. Sizemore will jump into his baby blue 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible, the one with the suicide doors, the eight-track tape player and the occasionally balky alternator, turn up the Doors or the Beatles and steer his land yacht two miles to Jacobs Field to put in another hard day's night. "

He drives a baby blue 1966 Lincoln Continental. Could he get any more attractive? I thought about stealing that copy of the magazine and right now, I regret not doing so. Grady turns me into a crazed 12 year old girl. He makes me want to write his name on my underwear. He makes me want to move to Cleveland! I'll go on the record here, my new ultimate fantasy is undressing Grady in the backseat of his Lincoln. Come on Grady, let's make this happen man!

Anyone know of any shirtless pictures of him? I’ve looked, trust me, I looked, but to no avail.

And BTW, these bitches better back off – he’s mine!


Silly Billy said...

Not as hot as David Wright, but he is very do-able...lol.

jay said...

uh, move to Cleveland? No one's that hott! LOL.

But yummy.

james said...

sorry, but american leaguers should be off limits to the cub fans. sox fans get to dream about grady and scotty pods and you can have michael barrett.

JUSTIN said...

James: yes, I agree, AL players should be off limits to NL fans, especially those that consider themselves Cub fans, but you know what? The Cubs fucking sucking this year and I've been watching a lot of Indian games. If I have to play by the rules and pick one hotter than shit NL player, I'll easily take David Wells.