Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Whew boy, talk about a weekend! My friends took me to a party, I went to a BBQ at my brother's place and got a free ticket to a Cubs game. After staying up late last night chatting on-line, I'm not sure how I managed to make it through the day, although I did.


My friend LC (let me know if you want me to change that) invited me to a friend's house for a multi-birthday bash of sorts. She assured me that there ould be lots of gay people - and she was right. I always get a little uncomfortable when I walk into a party and know almost no one, but after a few beers I warmed up and started talking to people, (believe it or not, I'm kinda shy). There were a few guys that caught my eye but I didn't much of it. I was there to have a good time, not pick up guys.

LC and her girlfriend and I were standing in the kitchen talking to people, when a bedroom door opened, which hit me in the ass since I was standing in front of it. Out walks Joey, an attractive black man who shyly apologized. I still remember the eye contact and for a minute, I thought perhaps he was attracted to me, (I know I was to him). He made his way outside and I continued my conversation.

Someone asked if anyone wanted to go outside and smoke some smoke and I decided to join them. Bad idea. I took one hit and was gone for the next hour. Why I still do this is beyond me. I know that I don't like being that high in large gatherings and when I smoke I tend to get quiet, which I did. Regardless, the music was bumpin', the beer was cold and I talked to more people. Around 3 or 4 in the morning my friends wanted to leave and we did. Although LC was the D-square we still managed to get lost and drove in a big circle - ending up right in front of the party we just left.

I decided I wanted to keep the party going so I jumped out and went back inside. Although Joey was cute, I really had my eye on this other guy, Jay who was single. Seeeing as I had a bit of liquid courage in me, we ended up talking on the couch (turns out a little too closely, oh well). We seemed to be hitting it off but since it was late he needed to get going. For some reason I didn't ask for his number (stupid me).

The details are a little fuzzy at this point in the night (or day, I suppose) and it was down to just me and Joey sitting on the couch. The lights were off (although the sun was just rising) and we started kissing. A lot. I don't know how long we were making out, but the sun was up when I left the house. That was fun, (hopefully for both of us). This time I did get his digits...just not all of them. Dumb!

This part of town doesn't seem to have many cabs at 7AM so I hoofed it over a few blocks and caught a bus (I felt bad for the Asian woman sitting next to me, I'm sure I reeked of beer and Joey). This bus only took me so far, therefore I had to transfer, then wait at least 25 minutes for another bus (damn you CTA!). I got home just before 9AM and collapsed onto my bed. That was a looooong night.


Around 3PM my roommate tapped on my door and asked if I was alive. Yes, I was, but my head hurt and my stomach was empty. Time for the BBQ! Although the forecast called for rain, it was a perfectly warm, sunny summer day (thankfully I remembered my sunglasses). The yard behind my brother's apartment was full of people drinking and eating all sorts of food. This being Chicago, one of the grills was devoted to bratwurst. Usually I avoid encased meat but sometimes, you just gotta do it. Also, since this is Chicago I felt the need to tell certain people that you don't put ketchup on a Brat, (I think these people were from Wisconsin or Indiana)! Heresy!

Someone busted out the Baggo equipment and started tossing around the bean bags. I've never played this game before (some people call it Cornhole, I think) but it basically involves throwing small fist sized bean bags into a hole carved out of plywood. Surprisingly, it's more fun and challenging than I would have imagined. Good times.

Near the end of the afternoon I was talking to my brother's GF who remarked, not so subtly that I really needed a haircut. My friend MarK, who had recently shaved off his "Jew-Fro" offered his barbering services. We went back to his place and got setup.

Although I opted not to shave it all off, my hair is the shortest it's been in years, which was a radical change because my hair was the longest it's ever been. All gone now! Well, not all of it, but it's basically peachfuzz, save the one spot that was shaved a little too close. I'm glad to be rid of it. LC later told me that my hair had been "pissing her off". No one wants that!


On Monday I was laying on the couch trying to decide what to do. I had been invited to the "Gay Picnic" out in the 'burbs, and although I was all set and ready to do that, a friend of mine called and offered me a free ticket to the Cubs game. What better way to spend Memorial Day, right? I made my way to Wrigley Field and found a group of my friend's drinking at a bar next to the stadium. These are "my boys" and since I don't get to see them as often as I like, this was the perfect way to hang.

Sean Marshall pitched a decent game, but our offense decided to phone it in. Regardless, when the game got boring we wandered around and I scooped out hot guys, (which are plentiful at any day at Wrigley) and caught up with my buddies. Oh, and I finally bought the green Cubbie bear t-shirt I've been eyeing for the last 2 years. It's bad-ass!

Post game we ended up at yet another area bar, had a few more beers and ate free hot dogs, (nice idea to whomever runs that bar). Despite the Cubs sucking, I had yet another great day, and started the summer off with a bang.


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

"I'm sure I reeked of beer and Joey," - that is just too funny.

Dying to see the haircut! FBk if you refuse to load it here.

Silly Billy said...

Hellava fun weekend!!!

Hope you at least showered before hitting the BBQ.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Cubbie Bear t-shirt? Really?

JUSTIN said...

Hey Cherry,

Not the lame bar across from the park - the t-shirt I bought has a young Cub bear on it.

If for whatever reason I ever find myself wearing an actual Cubbie Bear - The Bar t-shirt, please shoot me.


jay said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Although, you should really learn to save numbers lol or have the person write it down instead of trying to put it in your phone.

Much more drunk-proof.