Monday, April 23, 2007


The show tonight was good. My brother warned me how this place doesn't have a sign to identify it other than the old OLD STYLE beer banner. I spent the better part of 15 mintes walking up and down Western Avenue peering into 5 places that all had OLD STYLE signs out front. Finally I followed the trail of cigarette smoke and found the place.

Hipster heaven, this place was. I tried starting a conversation with the cute guy I was sitting next to, and I have no idea what language he spoke back to me in. My guess is Polish. Why do people keep thinking I'm eastern European?

The show was solid but not rocking. (Oh, and Will Johnson is a fine looking man in person...)

Anywho, back to Dennis Quaid. I left the bar around 11:30 and when I got home there was nowhere to park. I pride myself on my ability to park my ride in front of my apartment building as nearly any hour, but DQ is filming a football movie a block over in the park by my place and parking spots are/were scarce.

DQ better act his ass off tomorrow.

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ViJay said...

I think you should pay Dennis Quaid a visit then. Hang on there buddy, at least you have something to share with the future generation... When Dennis Quaid Your Space.