Monday, April 23, 2007


I just got the living shit scared out of me. Around 5AM someone started ringing my buzzer. I assumed a neighbor was locked out or someone had the wrong address but the few polite buzzes turned into full fledged "what the fuck" is going on concern on my behalf. After throwing on the nearest pair of pants I went downstairs and saw a flashlight illuminating the lobby of my 6 flat, courtesy of Chicago's finest. The customer service oriented cop was here to inform me that my sexy Japanese car was about to be "hooked" because I apparently parked in a temporary tow zone so that Dennis can pretend to act. I thanked the nice officer and ran back upstairs to grab my keys and sprinted down the street to move my car.

Passing by the set I asked the nearest Teamster how long they planned on filming here, "ah, a few days or so" the large grey haired man said. Perhaps because I was a bit cranky I replied "good, get the hell out of my neighborhood" and dodged several headset clad people scurrying about while spending 20 minutes looking for a parking spot. If Dennis Quaid, Rob Brown (who btw is rather easy on the eyes according to my roommate) or producer John Davis is reading this, thank you very much for relieving me of 2 hours of much needed sleep on a Monday morning. You best open big when The Express is released.

Oh, and since I have a bachelors degree in film/video production feel free to contact me if you need any Production Assistants or need any skinny sleep deprived white dudes to be extras.


Hamilton said...

lol. So funny. I stayed up coz of school and read your blog at this hour and you got up because of Denis Quaid hahaha. thanks for the comment. At least you had an interesting night. My night was like having a constipation, it is long, stinky, painful, surprising, and must be dealt with. ah...

ViJay said...

Ohh, so you still have jokes in you? Hilarious. You love DQ, you know it and I know it.

I can understand about the sleep deprivation. My sleepless body has not been on my bed since I came back home. All I do is go online, study for finals, type my final paper, and nap in the couch.

Dee said...

I know how you feel Justin when they where filming the Jennifer Aniston movie the Breakup they also closed down a few parking spots near my home (in Lakeview / Boystown) and anyone from Chicago knows how hard it is just to find parking on a normal day.

So trust me when I say I understand your pain