Sunday, April 29, 2007


Whew, where do I start? Oh yeah, so I had tickets to see this band play on Friday night, but the music is super chill, which was the opposite of my mood after a looooong week of work.

A friend was going to join me then bailed at the last second so I reconsidered my options and decided it might be more fun to go back to the "gay sports bar" that I was at the night before for "Frat Boy Friday Night".

Once a month anyone with the balls (quite literally) to strut about on stage in nothing but a jockstrap. 1st place wins $300, 2nd gets a $50 bar tab and 3rd gets a smiley face sticker (actually, I'm not sure what 3rd gets, other than slim bragging rights).

On my way to the bar I get a call from 2 friends I haven't seen in some time. For the second time in 24 hours I brought straight friends into a gay bar. After the Fashion Show debacle from the night before I was again a little nervous about this.

I never came out to these 2 friends in particular so them meeting me at a gay bar was a bit odd, but once we all met up all was good. There was no awkwardness, with the exception of the guy that ran the jockstrap contest who asked me at least 5 times if I would compete.

Clipboard Holding Guy: "Man, 1st place wins $300 bucks!"
Me: "uh, yeah, that sounds nice and all, but I'm not that drunk or broke."
Clipboard Holding Guy: "Come on, it's $300 bucks!"
Me: "I gotta piss, be right back."

And so on and so forth. He must have had a hard time recruiting guys, because I seriously doubt I am jockstrap 1st place worthy. Oh well. At least the bartenders played their part and removed their shirts. I was one happy homo perched at the bar but my straight friends wanted to get high so we left around Midnight before the "frat boys" made their debut.

My disappointment was overshadowed by my willingness to do whatever my friends wanted to do since it's been so long since we've seen each other's faces.

We split and smoked a spliff back at my place. 3 weeks or so had passed since I last got high so needless to say I was lit up. We listened to music (more like I had fun of theirs) and the next thing I knew it was morning. Sunshine. Birds chirping. 80 fucking degrees. It was a nice day and I was feeling good.

So good in fact that I sent this text message to the infamous PD: "Whoa, spring has sprung!". He had been texting me alot lately and I decided it was time to set things right between us. We never got to the official "BF" level but we also never really "broke up" either.

For some reason I thought it was a good idea for us to hang out and hit up Boystown. PD was all about it and we made plans to meet up around 10PM.

Once he walked through the door I knew it was over even before it even started. For one thing he smelled so good and looked even better. over a few beers we caught up and headed out around 11PM. After riding the L we found a nice Alley to piss in (this has got to be a Chicago tradition of sorts) and paid the $5 cover for the gay bar.

Place was packed with hotties all over! After grabbing some drinks (a vodka red bull for him, a bottle of Miller Lite for me) we found a nice place to sit, smoke and talk. I finally made the attempt to set things right with him and me, which is that although I'm totally attracted to him, and although I like him outside of our sex life, I'm wishing to test the waters, as it were.

PD was cool with this. We played Truth or Dare and kept daring one another to ask random guys out. It was fun, and we talked alot about who our ideal man is/looks like and pointed out examples to back up our thoughts.

At one point he eyed a friend who mentioned that Michael McDonald was there. PD's friend dared me to talk to him and well, I did. Tapped him right on the shoulder and he was nice and all, but whatever dude he was with/friend got all weirded out and asked me point blank who I was.

Random Dude; "Ah, who are you?"
Me: "I know Michael, we worked on a film together" (which is true)
Random Dude: "Yeah, uh, OK, then..."

Random Dude left and Michael asked me if I had spoken to the director of the film, which I hadn't since the wrap party. He was nice but seemed to have no more use for me after this. PD, his friend and I headed back towards the dancefloor.

I kept prodding PD to get out there and dance since I know he likes doing that. A moment later this hot woman asked him to dance (he's is seriously the lady killer, haha) and I let them do their thing/headed out to talk to a hot guy I had my eye on.

Before I could say a word my 'Batman Warning" (it was a full moon last night) device alerted me to possible trouble regarding PD, which did not fail me. The woman he was dancing with was a hooker who asked PD to participate in a 3 way with her and her John.

We left soon thereafter and got quesadillas. Then we went to another bar. We (I) drank more and hailed a cab around 2AM. On our way in the backseat of the cab PD and I kept un/sub-consciously touched each other.

It didn't take long for both of us to shed our clothes and start a make-out session worthy of anything that can be downloaded from the Internet. I won't go into details, except to say I had one of the most mind-altering orgasms of my life. I even broke a fucking plant in the process.

The sun rose, we took a shower together and said our goodbyes. At some point last night I got the following text message from my roommate: "Its 3:30, pls try to be quiet". Quiet we were not, but god damn we had a good time.

After our shower this morning I hit up the gym, met a friend for brunch who then roped me into helping him move.

Ugh, I'm tired but happy.


Hamilton said...

whoa man, that sounds like a hot time. good job!!! you need to go out more haha then we will have all these nice the stories to read.

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

So another normal night I take it!

Sounds like one of those nights you laugh and smile about for weeks.

At least someone somewhere is having fun ;o)

jay said...

Oh wow. At first I thought you got naked in the cab. That would have been interesting. Can you say "Taxicab Confessions" LOL.

Sounds like a fun filled weekend. That poor plant though. LOL

I'm envious. I spent mine doing work. I did go to a play on Sunday: Altar Boyz. Fucking Amazing play. go see it, its hilarious and not as gay as it sounds, I promise (well kinda).