Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I randomly lose touch with my electronic belongings from time to time. Remote controls, cell phones, the key fob for my car and/or my iPod are all fair game when I get busy and/or flaky. I meant to upload some pictures from DC tonight but when I went to grab my was nowhere to be found. I think I left it in DC. Fuck!

Then again, it might turn up underneath the passenger seat of my car, aka, the Bermuda Triangle of my material existence. I'm likely worrying for no reason, but I feel empathy for mothers of teenagers that stay out past their curfew.

Somewhere within my apartment, car or Washington DC my camera is shivering and wanting to come home and sleep in it's bed, (or at the least, have it's batteries charged).

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about a boy said...

oh my gosh. my roommate just lost his camera. the camera which 'gives me life' as he puts it.