Saturday, March 3, 2007


Last night I headed to the burbs to hang out at PD's place. We had a few drinks and ventured out into the frozen tundra that is Northern Illinois right now and had dinner at one of my old stomping grounds. We had a nice time but it was also bittersweet to be at a bar that I used to always hangout with my buddy's at and not see anyone I knew. We went headed back to PD's place, had another drink but I was exhausted just past midnight (it was a really, really long week at work) and once in his bed I promptly passed out. I slept like a baby until around 6Am or so when we both woke up and had some fun, then passed out again for another few hours. Currently he is on his way over and we're going to go see "Zodiac" which I'm excited about. The roomie and her BF have thankfully vacated the apartment so perhaps we'll have some "quiet time" after the we get back from the film.


We went to see a 10PM showing of Zodiac (which is a really great date movie - seeing random couples get murdered by a lunatic is strangely romantic). It's a long movie and we didn't get back to my place until 1AM or so. We poured some drinks and hung out at my kitchen table and just talked about everything and nothing. Before we knew it the it was 3:45AM! We agreed that perhaps it was "time for bed" which basically involved us getting naked and having a session of hot boy lovin' in my bed.

Eventually we passed out and slept nice and late. After getting some food we came back and just sat around watching movies all day. I didn't want to see "Breakfast Club" for the 600th fucking time but he wanted to watch it so I obliged. That movie has really not aged well although I must say when Emilio Estavez gets high and runs around the library, eventually shattering a plate glass window with sheer power of his masculinity is classic moment in cinema history. After that we flipped around and until we found "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang". I barely remember seeing this movie before but on second viewing I really enjoyed it. Robert Downey Jr. was reason enough to see "Zodiac" and that's the case with this film too. Poor Harry...I feel bad for his thumb. Just to take it down a notch we watched "Syriana" which gets better each time I watch it. There is so much going on in that film that I doubt I'll ever sort it all out. At one point, (after several drinks) I felt compelled to scream "those Motherfuckers" at the screen once every 2 minutes.

Finally it was time draw the weekend with PD to a close. I knew that if he stayed the night again neither of us would get much sleep so we went home and I got ready to tackle another week of work.

Looking back all I really did this weekend was drink, watch movies and fool around with PD. It was a great weekend...


Anonymous said...

Was there some real quiet time after the movie? Or was the movie so freaky and scary that there was some action after the movie?

Keep us updated.

Will said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad to hear you and PD had some quality alone time. I'd like to see Zodiac, but have heard from a few that its way too long.