Friday, March 16, 2007


In light of my 50th post I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of things I want to do before I die.

1. Finish my Gus Greenbaum screenplay

2. Attend Skip Barber racing school

3. Visit James Dean’s grave site

4. Vote for the passage of same sex marriage legislation

5. Drink Jack Daniels with the Drive By Truckers

6. Take batting practice at Wrigley Field

7. Fly an airplane

8. Watch the sunset over the pyramids in Egypt

9. Buy my Dad a really nice watch

10. See my friend's kids graduate from college

11. Go swimming in "The Baths" at Virgin Gorda

12. Play Stud Poker at the Casino de Monte Carlo

13. See Buddy Guy perform at Buddy Guy's Legends

14. Go camping in Madagascar

15. Be the Best Man at my Brother’s wedding

16. Take the stairs to the top of the Sears Tower

17. Drink absinthe in Paris

18. Kiss the boy I had a huge crush on in high school

19. Stop pissing away money paying rent

20. Challenge Mike Sigel to a game of 8 ball

21. Learn to speak fluent Spanish

22. Have my palms read

23. Crash a wedding (and not because of that lame movie)

24. See the Northern Lights (again)

25. Learn how to sew a button (not likely with my thick fingers)

26. Learn how to tie a double Windsor knot

27. Say “thank you” to my first grade teacher

28. Take an entire year off work to read and take pictures

29. Live in Vancouver

30. Learn how to play my guitar

31. Build a dark room (digital is nice but it will never look better than 35mm film)

32. Overcome my fear of motorcycles

33. Get a Bachelor of Architecture degree

34. Run for a political office (local)

35. Be able to see without contacts or glasses (and no, I’m not getting Lasik)

36. Finally get my Louis Sullivan tattoo

37. Go to the real Oktoberfest in Munich

38. Take a train ride through Mexico’s Copper Canyon

39. Get fitted for a suit on Savile Row

40. Go to the Venice Film Festival

41. See Eddie Izzard perform live

42. Take my Step Dad to a Red Wings game

43. Buy my Mom a cabin in the White Mountains of New Mexico

44. Be a contestant on the Price is Right (I will rock Plinko)

45. Go kayaking on the north branch of the Chicago River (the nice part of the river without the floating bodies in it)

46. Rent the “Kingpin Suite” at the Palms Hotel in Vegas and throw a party for all my friends

47. Order the 64oz Porterhouse Steak at the Chicago Chop House

48. 2 words: Demolition Derby

49. 3 words: Cubs World Series

50. Win the lottery to pay for all the things on this list (or find a sugardaddy, haha)

1 comment:

V.J. Civic said...

21) I can definitely teach you Spanish. Bien Chevere!

24) Those are very pretty to see them up close. I would love to see them in my lifetime.

27) I am very curious to know how your teacher inspired you and what you learned.

28) I am with you on that one.

31) I also agree with you on this. You can't take action pictures with digital cameras because of the delay.

35) I love my glasses too much. I am a wuss when it comes to contacts, my eyes are to sensitive.

42) I watched my first hockey game in ages... Very exciting, but Tampa Bay lost to Buffalo.

44) That's my dream, but Bob Barker is retiring in June. :(

46) There is no other city like Las Vegas.

50) Very Funny.