Friday, August 16, 2013


"Fuck it, I'm not leaving, I'll die here". - My Brother

Many years ago my older brother said that, and I must concur. Months ago I was high on mushrooms with one my dearest and best friends, sitting on the banks of the Ohio River, in Louisville (great place) when she told me I should move to another city, just to gain a different set of life experiences. And she's right, I should. 

There are several cities where I can see myself living: London is one in particular, so is Vancouver, and perhaps I'd be happy in Toronto (where I was born). Or perhaps (wild card) Mexico City. But certainly not LA, or New York City. I have tried both, and although I like both places for various reason...they can both go FUCK OFF. 

Chicago is like a vacuum. People all over from the Midwest, be it Iowa, Indiana, Michigan or even Ohio move here in there early 20"s, seeking the "Big City" life, get a taste and then fled for higher ground for reasons ranging from having kids or seeking better employment. To each there own. I could have done the same, and who knows, perhaps one day I will. 

But for now, with all the various uncertainties that is my life, there is one thing that I am 100% sure of, it's that, Chicago is my home, and GODDAMN if I'm leaving anytime soon. I've watched close friends, family and co-workers take off and then in hushed whispers, reveal that they didn't leave and in more importantly, desire to return. 

There is a reason why I have the flag inked on my arm. Because no matter where I go, or what I do, I will represent/defend/embellish where I am from. 

No matter where I go, I will come back here to die. 


Curt in Chicago said...

So is there any chance you are uncut since you were born in Toronto?

Anonymous said...

Come to London - I'll show you around. I'm actually originally from IL.

JUSTIN said...

I have been once, long ago, and cannot wait to go back. I'll choose it over NYC any day.