Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last November my roommate bought a giant flat screen HD television; responding in kind, I upgraded our cable service to to take full advantage of the range of capability offered by said device. What's the use of not watching content in full 1080p? Comcast told me that it would only cost a few more bucks, and stupid me, I believed them. 

They were partially right, however they didn't explain that they gave me a temporary "promotional" rate for 2 months; they also failed to mention that I was being charged for 3 television receivers even though I only had one. White people problems, I know, but fucking bullshit nonetheless. $175 and change is just ridiculous for cable TV and internet. 

So I did what so many others are doing or have done, and I canceled that shit. I kept the internet (duh) and bought a Roku box! And I must say, IT'S AWESOME! I felt like a genius being able to install it in a matter of minutes. Now I got a TV that rocks Netflix, Facebook, Pandora and a ton of other shit I don't even know about yet. 

PS - I am not being paid to promote the good people at Roku, but I should be.  


ATXta;; said...

You just definitely shell out the $9 a month for the a hulu plus account, it is totally worth it. Just about every show you would want to watch the day after the air and all in HD.

JUSTIN said...

Oh, I pay $7.99 for unlimited Netflix.

Mind Of Mine said...

I have been meaning to get this. I don't watch traditional TV and I tend to catch up on my shows by having a marathon internet session, so I want to be able to do what you did. I get hard just thinking about it.