Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's been months since I've seen an actual music performance; although seeing one of my favorite punk bands from my high school years rock out back in September, it's been far too long since I got my ears thoroughly rang. And I love punk and rock in general still, lately I have developed an ear for far "smoother" sounds. Maybe I'm getting old (duh, haha) but I enjoy the focus being on a singer as opposed to the band as a whole.

Last month I was bored and looking around Conan's website; say what you will about his current show (I think it's just "ok") but he books some seriously awesome talent, much of which has been new to me. In fact, when I want new shit to check out, I go to his site first. Which is how I discovered Jose James...

Minutes after listening to Jose's voice for the very first time, I looked up his show dates, and sure enough, he was coming to Chicago soon; as in TOMORROW NIGHT. So I bought tickets, took the night off work (a rare occasion indeed) and despite my best efforts to invite others to join me (and Jose, hehe) I will be flying solo.

Although it would be nice to have the company, I enjoy concerts like this on my own. Small, dark, intimate space, great sound. My entire focus will be on the music presented, as opposed to it being a social event. And Lincoln Hall is hands down my favorite venue in the city. I am SO looking forward to it!!!



Anonymous said...


Thanks for introducing me to Jose James. The voice...the classic Rhodes sound, it's magic.

Reminds me of retro jazz from the 90's.

Hope the show was smokin' hot!


jason said...

very nice!