Sunday, July 22, 2012


Not sure why, but I have been very addicted to my iPhone/music on it, specifically alternating between old school hip-hop (KRS-ONE), old punk like Operation Ivy, but also mixing in new shit like Frank Ocean and Alex Clare. Maybe it's the heat. 

Or I'm just...engaged with music, I dunno. What i do know, is that literally plugging sounds into my ears, makes me feel fucking good. More so than actually going to see a show in person. The simple thought of attending Lollapaooza causes me physical pain. 

And there's nothing wrong if you are into it. But I am over it. Music is such a personal thing, and though I shared many, many experiences with people, I dunno, just seems like where I'm now, I prefer to do it alone. Or maybe it's just that I quit doing drugs?

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