Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's absolutely brilliant outside - that type of PERFECT weather that makes my nipples hard. We don't get much in the way of awesome weather here in Chicago, thus...when we do, we tend to act out a bit. People drink/eat/smoke/fuck with wild abandon. All the typical Midwestern sensibilities are tossed out the kitchen window (but not the sink). 

Yesterday was one of those days. I mostly ate and smoked, and yes, had a few drinks (kept it in my pants though) but it certainly was a day of indulgence. It's not everyday I readily consume a smoked pork burrito covered in red hot chili sauce (GOD that was heaven). And failed at going to street festival (whatever).

HOWEVER. What I really liked about yesterday was simply walking around this great big city and observing all the crazy little ecosystems that abound with seemingly slight differences. My day began working at the Thrift Store - denying a donation of an archaic motor powered wheel chair, and ended seeing a colony of fire flies/lightning bugs in garden hard against the highway. 

Took a few pics along the way...

YES, kinda dark and mysterious, but so is this place, and I love the shit out of it for IT. Right now there is nowhere on earth I'd rather be. Perhaps I will feel differently next week, but for now this feels...good. Ideal. Heavenly even. I could work today, but I won't instead. I going to spend more time with my camera and just explore

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Dude, can't say I am loving the new layout.