Friday, December 2, 2011


Despite all the encouragement I have received in regards to the last post, I have not, nor will I engage in an illicit 3/4 way. It's just not my style, and besides, as a bit of a control freak, that whole situation simply wouldn't suit my many neurosis.

HOWEVER! In the meantime, I have managed to meet not one, two but three guys. I'm only fucking one of them (depending on your definition), and then there's him, which is basically over in my mind.

Here's a breakdown:

A: Totally adorable "twink" type, 24 y/o, we drink, make out, watch cartoons and make out some more. Great date material too; and my roommate loves him in that not really loving strangers kind of way. [He's coming over over tonight]

B: This guy could also be described as a "twink", but holy hell he fucks like it's going out of style. Despite his appearance, he can not only take it, but invent new ways to roll around without pants on. We both wear similar glasses too, which is both cute and annoying when we make out.

C: The Non-Drinker. I saved the best for last. "C" just moved here, and although we only have hung out a few times, I feel a very close connection to him, for no rational/discernible reason.

The last night I spent with him included nothing beyond us laying in his bed, cuddling and talking about art, life, history...fucking amazing. I have never found another guy like this before. And I REALLY like his influence on me in terms of staying sober.

Not to sound...whatever, but I do believe certain people come into your life for a reason. And although I'm/We're not committed, I feel such a great energy from him, an energy that I haven't felt in some time. Who knows how it will go. But I'm willing to see it through.

PS - Sorry if the title was misleading. The Alpha Homo did touch my arm the other day, but that's as far as anything has gone, and likely will.


drew said...

Good luck with your 3 friends. I hope you find one that will enrich your life.

The New Me said...

well those things seldom come to naught. So not doing it is probably best.

And B sounds fun, especially the rolling around without pants part.

But the best is C. Non-drinker and a connection to boot. Excellent choice!

Most important it sounds like you're out there and that's the hardest part sometimes.

Now let's see another excursion from you and Montrose. I love it when you two get together!

Mind Of Mine said...

I am going through a drought at the minute, so this post has left my foaming with jealousy.

It actually makes me sick.

Dave said...

What exactly is illicit about a little group sex? Lock up half the (gay) city!