Tuesday, September 6, 2011


...on credit, for $5 from a homeless guy, in the alley behind the bar. It's beyond amazing and my new favorite object. You probably can't see in that shitty photo, but Santa's eyes are totally cashed out. I plan on planting a fern in it.

Best post birthday present EVER.

PS - Memo to the bitch that ran me over with her wheelie bag on the train that also ripped out the ear phones from my head, FUCK YOU. Also, on my way to work this morning, a douche bag driving a giant black Mercedes-Benz showered me with gutter water. FUCK HIM TOO.


Mind Of Mine said...

Fuck everyone, your mug is awesome!

Dean Grey said...


I hope to God you sprayed that thing with bleach or some kind of disinfectant before bringing it into your apartment!


Blakenetizen said...

Haha! freaking Awesome!