Monday, June 6, 2011


THIS weather has been so messed up; for example, I woke up early this morning to cool, dark and stormy, but after a brief nap, I arose to get hit in the face with 96 degree temperatures and the sun seemingly outside my window. Being a life long resident of the Midwest, I can handle the cold, but the heat literally fucks with my head.

I thought I might have slept through an entire day...the change was that fast! Also, the weather has affected my bank account; either it's so nice that no one wants to spend an afternoon in a bar, or it's so gross they stay home. And it's been like that for weeks. I'm lucky I can pay my rent this month, it was really close.

People always bitch about the cold, but it never really bothers me. I'm a stone cold (no pun intended) bad ass in sub zero weather, but when the mercury hits 90 and it's super humid...totally become a pussy. Like today, I fully intended to run all these errands, but upon the advice I gave myself, I'm staying inside, in the shade.

It's going to be a long, long summer.


Mind Of Mine said...

I am the same, I would much rather be too warm or too cold. However I need a few days in the sun every now and then.

Patrick said...

I'm headed to Saudi Arabia for work next week and am expecting to experience 115 degree temps. I'm also expected to have my dick cut off if I look at any porn online. Hopefully your blog will keep me entertained just the same.

Dean Grey said...


I am saying a prayer to Jesus to please let me make it through the next three months.

Summertime in Chicago can be SO hellish.

Wait until the humidity kicks in come this July!

Lord help all us Chicagoans!


P.S.: And the dirty sun can go fuck itself!