Friday, May 20, 2011


Somewhere buried in my DNA is a predilection to buy jeans from H&M; it never works out. Keep in mind, I like my skinny-ish jeans, but whatever reason the crotch is either way too tight or curiously, way too long. Whatever. So I woke up on this beautiful Spring day to return the stupid jeans I bought last week - BUT - that was merely an excuse to be outside and take pictures.

Out of the hundred or so I took, below are a few I like.

OH, and I had a photo shoot with my Roommate, or rather, of her. I'm trying to improve shooting people (you know what I mean) as opposed to inanimate objects. I know I am rusty when it comes to the technical aspect(s) of photography, and I feel like I am starting all over again. It's fun though!


Dean Grey said...


Out of all of them, the first one catches my eye because of all the color and the sharp angles of the second one is really nice too.

Where was the fourth picture taken?


Mind Of Mine said...

I really like the last one.

The New Me said...

Love this stuff. You should submit some of it and see if you can make a living at it, I bet you could.

Patrick said...

You have an interesting perspective Justin. Nice shots!

jason said...

these are great! I especially like the last one.