Thursday, November 18, 2010


Holy shit...I discovered the HOLY fucking GRAIL of barbers. His is a modest single chair barbershop in Andersonville, (which if you weren't aware of, is the 4th or 5th Gayest zip code in the USA).

I missed my bus, and had to cab it in rush hour traffic last night, but it was so worth it. Even after the 1 1/2 hour wait. I signed in with my name, his last appointment...and had time to burn, so I hung out with the bartender at Hamburger Mary's (the gayest place in the beating gay heart of Chicago). I checked back in and was told (sternly, I might add) that I still had another 30 minutes to wait. Ugh.

So I went to @Atmosphere, an even more gay bar for another beer. Totally adorable bartender, nice guy too. We talked and talked and FINALLY it was time to GET MY FUCKING HAIR CUT.

I'm a big fan of people that take their craft seriously. I may be a lowly Bar Back, but I pay attention to detail, and take pride in my work. It's a privilege to work for people I respect, and the fact that I make more money than I did with an honest, above board desk job helps too). But I digress.

Below the mirror there is a sign: "I AM USING SHARP OBJECTS NEAR YOUR HEAD, SO SIT STILL", with yet another reminder to keep my feet on the bar attached to the chair. He was especially adamant about this, no joke.

I've only had 2 haircuts in the previous 12 months, so you can believe me when I say my hair was as long as it's ever been as an adult. We're talking A FUCK LOAD OF HAIR. Like, see below.

Initially I was just getting a trim, but he kept hacking away, meticulously tinkering with the shape of my skull, until HE was satisfied. It took almost 45 minutes, cost $16 and he absolutely refused my generous tip. And said not to come back for at least 5 weeks.

It was like getting blown by a combination of Da Vinci, Picasso and Einstein. Afterwards, I returned to @tmosphere, and the bartender re-introduced himself to me. The difference was that dramatic. Oh, and midway through my victory beer, this hot Latin dude was rubbing my dick while I was sitting at the bar.

But that's another (short) story. And I'm in a relationship.


drew said...

Justin, enjoy reading your blog. Your a hoot. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving..

The New Me said...

A hair cut that later gets you rubbed by a hot latin dude? Where is this place?

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,

Mind sharing the name/address of the barber shop?

Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving.


dan said...

Justin, happy happy thanksgiving to you blogger buddy. hope you have an excellent weekend with the new interest! later

Loki's Log said...


Great blog post. Nice to find people that take their work seriously AND peoe that appreciate it. Happy thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Justin, will you kindly tell me what the top three gay zip codes are? Are you talking about total number of gays or gays as a percent of the population. I enjoy your blog.

JUSTIN said...

"At the time of the 2000 United States Census the proportion of single-sex couples in Edgewater was 6.6% in the 60660 zip code and 8.0% in the 60640 zip code This compares with the US national average of 1.1%". Damn, I can't find the official census number, but trust me, it's a hot gay mess over there. And i love it.

Brain Mechanic said...

great post. love your blog.