Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's been a fucked up week, to say the least, and I think it's manifesting itself in a series of bizarre, strange and terrible "dreams" that have contributed to my latent propensity for insomnia. Here's a quick run-down of the shit I've experienced this week:

-Might have to fly to Phoenix and propose an intervention for my Mom (for drinking like a Rock Star, and not in a good way). My Stepfather is struggling, but being patient, but me being available to chat on the phone is only going so far.

-I got a new (another) job! And almost lost my current one, although I think I saved it. I start tomorrow at a fancy Sushi restaurant (one of the best in the city, I'm told). Did I mention I know nothing about Sushi? Because I don't, but I'll learn.

-The second go around with a guy I dated 2 years ago imploded this week...and out of nowhere the young (24 y/o) bi-guy got back in contact with me. He doesn't want a traditional relationship, just a weekly hook-up type thing. And that's fine by me. I don't have time, nor energy for much else.

-My Roommate nearly burning this apartment building to the ground the other night; she was making bread pudding and left the oven, and a stove top burner on for...oh, 5 hours? I came home and my eyes were on FIRE. I almost passed out from the carbon monoxide present in the air.

-Last night I was at a random party, and was told by a good friend of my elder brother that he's jealous of my hair (?). I haven't gotten a hair cut since March so this shit is shaggy, and curly. But the women love it (like I care, but it is flattering). But if one more person refers to me as Justin Bieber, I might hit them.

-I ate a bunch of 'shrooms last Sunday night, while at work (only had 35 minutes left) and began hallucinating; I was trying to text a friend and the characters (letters/numbers) were swirling off the face of my iPhone. That Drank a bunch of whiskey too.

-This might be obvious, but this is the worst Summer ever, weather-wise. It's forecast to be 93, with 87% humidity today. I know it's typical for Chicagoans to be ready for fall around this time of year; I'm ready for fucking January.

-I'm waiting for my laundry to dry as I write this, and having a much deserved (in my opinion) cocktail, and then going into work at 9:30am. If my life gets any more weird...I don't know, guess I'll deal. Got no other choice. Right?


Mind Of Mine said...

How did you almost lose your job?

I have not done shroom's in forever! good trip?

Dean Grey said...

And I thought my life was fucked up!


Anonymous said...


Laundry always goes faster with cocktails!

Congrats on the new job. If they treat you poorly because you are gaijin, not walk back to the bar.

Hope things shake out in Phoenix without your involvement. Where's Montrose? about some pictures of expiring Chicagoans in 87% humidity.