Tuesday, April 27, 2010


One might assume that along with my other illicit habits, that I would be a "natural" gambler. Not so. In fact, I am terrible at gambling, and since I normally decline to participate in activities that I'm bad at, I rarely if ever wager my hard earned money.

Now that I think about it, my biggest "score" occurred way back in 2003. Rambling around the Harrah's off the Vegas Strip at 7am, in search of a McDonald's, I sat down at a $0.25 slot machine ("Red White N' Blue!"), popped $1 in, grabbed that lever and out came $75 dollars. I was stunned. That Egg McMuffin tasted DAMN GOOD.

All that being said, I do in fact play the lottery several times a week. Not the stupid scratch off cards or ticket variety, buy what I call "Poor Man's Lottery". Every time you but something at Walgreen's, the receipt invites you to take a short survey; once a month they choose 1 random respondent, and that person receives $3,000.

Seeing as my main competition are little old blue haired women, I like my odds. Plus, I'm gotten so AWESOME at taking these dumb surveys, I can knock them out in 30 seconds flat. Ironically, if I did actually win $3,000 I'd probably piss it away at Arlington Park. Or buy a Volvo. Or SNEAKERS!

PS - Anyone notice I bought "STD" Pomade? Fuck! Good thing I kept the receipt...


Dean Grey said...


I hope, Angela, the cashier was nice to you!


Anonymous said...

10.25% sales tax????

JUSTIN said...

@ Anonymous: Yep...highest sales tax in all of the USA.

GFunkDave said...

Walgreens is my bf's main client - he'll be happy for your business. :)