Thursday, April 8, 2010


Seeing as I'm up late I figure I'll respond to the request issued by the charming bloke who goes by the handle of "Mind of Mind". He recently wrote a post about his various addictions, and asked various bloggers (including yours truly) to respond in kind. I thought it an interesting here goes.


Ever since I was a little kid I've always been a NIGHT person, that is I absolutely adore the peace and quiet that comes with living in big city and being one of the few people within my immediate vicinity burning that proverbial Midnight Oil. Case in point: it's nearly 6AM Central as I write this. If I'm in bed before Midnight, I'm either ill or really fucking ill.


Duh. I love me a good drink or 11. This may not bode well for my future...but it's seems to be a genetic trait handed down upon me. Most of my family also likes to drank and I am no exception. But I don't blame them as I am my own man...who enjoys a strong shot of bourbon/whiskey chased with a weak can of beer. Cheers bitches!


When the iPhone first came out I mercilessly made fun of friends that waited with baited breath to get their claws upon Steve Jobs' latest load of shit. But then a funny thing happened; I got one for Christmas '07, a most unexpectedly generous gift from my Father. Now I use it for FUCKING everything and can't remember how I functioned without it.


Just tonight I got yet another e-mail from the library alerting me that I have another book to pick up. SHIT! That makes 4 books I have set myself to completing in the next few weeks, in addition to the plethora of magazines quickly piling up (UGH - The Economist Must NOT GO TO waste!) and all your people's blogs. And research for an idea I have...(ssshhhhh![more on that later]).


No surprise here; I wouldn't have gotten my first and thus far only tattoo had I not had/have a raging boner for the city that my heart eternally longs far. We are both imperfect in similar ways, have a hate/love relationship with each other...briefly cheat on one another, but in the end , we end up in the same place. A perfectly dysfunctional/functional relationship, we share.

SO...there you go...notice how no drugs, sex or rock n' roll were noted? That shit is for FUCKING PUSSIES.

PS - I love all 3, though not I guess I am a pussy with a capital "P".


Anonymous said...

who isn't adicited to alcohol? wait does that mean me and my friends are all alcoholics?... no it doesn't

hehe. staying up late and reading are combined for me. i stay up late reading. "just one more chapter then bed"

Dean Grey said...

Except for booze and the iPhone, I agree with all the rest, Justin!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys cum over to Saugatuck, MI for over the 4th of July weekend. Be at the Dunes Resort there. Should be a hot, wild time.