Thursday, February 4, 2010


Holy Fucking shit! It looks like the new bar I am working at finally cleared the City of Chicago red tape and will be opening this weekend. [It's about time you motherfucking overpaid and under worked city officials.] Shit, this place could have been up and running months ago; the infrastructure was in place, but the broke-ass city had to furlough a bunch of vital employees that process permits and inspections and stuff.

But all of that is in the past. And working on Super Bowl Sunday should be super busy, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll fucking bank on that shit. OH! And I'm pretty goddamn sure I'll be working alongside this totally hot guy named "Cole". He's like the prototype for my perfect future ex-boyfriend; tattoos everywhere, his fashion sense ended probably when he was a sophomore in college and he's a skateboarder. Did I mention his name is "Cole"? H to the O to the T 'yo!


drew said...

I know you are ready!! Have a great weekend and make some $$$.

Dean Grey said...

Hooray Justin!!!!


samuel said...

I'm a regular reader who might have commented twice in the last couple of years, but I wanted to say it's good to hear you'll be working. I know how excruciating it can get when all you want is a job and some work to do.

Also, not entirely off topic, but my kids and their momma have a long haired chihuahua named Cole, and he's the most adorable thing.

dan said...

hooray for an honest day's work bud. hope it's a great productive weekend for ya, and enjoy the cole stud. I love that fashion stopped since sophmore in college remark, ha ha !!! great. later

Mind Of Mine said...

I am glad to see things are looking up!

In regards to cole..

Pictures or he doesnt exist ;p

jason said...

good luck! (oh yeah, with the gig too)

Anonymous said...

Justiiiinnn my favorite blogger!!!

It's so good to see two really happy posts from you in a row!

Hope this weekend was fun for you (can't wait to hear everything about your first few nights at the new bar). :)

Take care, love!

x's and o's,

A-Gay in Chi