Friday, January 29, 2010


For purposes of clarification, allow me to reiterate my employment situation; my last night of bouncing occurred the night after Christmas. The very same owners that closed the bar I was working at, are opening up a new bar, at which I have been promised 4 decent shifts; this is crazy awesome considering I'll be working along side people much, much more experienced than I am. I guess my 1 year stint eating shit as a Doorman paid off (as I was assigned waiting tables in addition to bar backing), but I digress.

The New bar was to open at the end of December, but that got pushed back to mid-January, then last weekend, which got pushed back to this weekend, and now the prospective opening date is now the first weekend in February. And it has nothing to do with the owners, and everything to do with the fucking assholes that run the permit office in Chicago. You'd think they would bend over backward to facilitate a new business and employ 25+ people, but this city is FUCKED when it comes to things like this.

So here I sit. I've taken 2 naps today out of sheer boredom. Episodes of "Friday Night Lights" can entertain me only so much, and I am out of things to clean. Oh, and it's been crazy bullshit COLD as fuck here this week; it's hard to motivate myself to go and walk to do things when it's -10 with the wind chill. I mean...I can deal with wicked cold, but this is straight up bullshit.

And here I remain. Listless, useless, and as a result reckless (I'm eating 'Shrooms tomorrow night). I've never wanted to work so fucking much as I do now; I like working, really, and even though being a Bar Back is a shit job, especially for someone with a college degree, I can't wait clear some tables, or SOMETHING. Fuck, anything besides sitting on my ass would be better.


Aaron said...

bar back! i almost read bareback.. pardon me. :P hehe

i sure did drop the C word on my blog - and it'll be in 2 months time before i'm there! u guys better be nice to me! :P

so why don't u get another job? u seemed to love this job a lot?

Dean Grey said...

Be patient, Justin.

It will come. Another week or so is not the end of the world.

But I understand the need to want to work especially after not working for so long. I was laid off this past summer and while I hated that job, I'd love to be doing something right now!


The New Me said...

Funny how all evil office chairs come from OfficeMax.

Sam. I. Am. said...

Well if you're really at a loose end, send cock pictures to ;)