Wednesday, June 10, 2009

POM-STER #1 & #2

Last night my buddy and I were just hanging out at my kitchen table, having drinks and such...when we began to discuss the bottle of POM juice in front of us. Or at least I talked about it while my friend skecthed this guy...

The ability to draw has always eluded me; when people can DRAW something within the space of 3 minutes, even a simple sketch like these 2 above, I'm always more than slightly amazed. And this is nothing for my friend (this is like creative masturbation for him). 

If anyone is interested in seeing more of my buddies work, click HERE

1 comment:

Dean Grey said...


That bottle of Pom juice has quite a bulge down there! *Ahem*

I checked out Christopher's website. I especially love "Raven eats the Sun". That's just coolness defined!