Thursday, February 26, 2009


Not that I'm going on the road, which probably negates the "Road" part of "Roadie". Whatever. In addition to my once a week Bouncer/Doorman gig, I am in the temporary employ of a Chicago-based multi-platinum recording artist with a predilection for vintage musical equipment.  

This gig is courtesy of Mohawk's brother, who works for this particular Rawk Star, managing his vast array of equipment while also supervising the construction of his new mind-blowing awesome recording studio. 

Mohawk's and my new "gig" is to help his brother make sense of 20,000 square of musical equipment that needs to be inventoried, bar coded and moved into a new warehouse near the new studio. This sounded simple enough at first...

...but when I walked in to the warehouse today, all I could say was "HOLY SHIT - LOOK AT ALL THIS...SHIT!" Imagine, if you will, a warehouse will at least 50 road cases, perhaps 150 guitars, keyboards, pinball machines, drums and general SHIT all over the place. 

But what really got me horny was what rests in far reaches of this warehouse: a 69' Pontiac GTO parked next to a 71' (or so) Ford Mustang parked next to a late 60's-ish Plymouth (not a "Road Runner") of some sort. It was all I could do NOT to whip out my dick and rub my nipples at the same time!

After I stopped drooling, we got done to the task at hand, which was to transport a vintage mixing board that is as rare as it is expensive. This damn thing must have weighed, oh I don't know, like 80,000 fucking pounds. The damn thing was on wheels and us 3 grown men could barely budge it.

Anyways, after we moved a bunch of other HEAVY shit we went over to the new studio. Situated in a anonymous light industrial park, it looks like a typical suburban office/warehouse; but on the inside...WHOA! The master mixing board apparently used to reside in the Abbey Road studios and was purchased for $250,000. I was asked *not* to breathe on it. 

This isn't the easiest nor glamourous way to make my rent, but I'll be damned if I won't do it anyways.

Did I mention how sore my body is? FUCK

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Thomas said...

Although I'm a desk jockey right now, I'm actually a pretty big fan of the manual labor for work. One of my favorite mini-jobs, back when I was looking for a job, was working on a farm carrying to the chicken off to the trucks to be processed into delicious BBQ wings.

If my Older Brother were to read this post, I think he would splooge his pants...and then we would awkwardly look at each other.