Sunday, January 18, 2009


Firefox has been pissing me off recently, so I took the not so big leap and installed Google's browser "Chrome". Mind you, I am anything but tech savvy so when I make a change like this, and it works out well, I feel like a fucking genius. Watch your back Steve Jobs!

Anyways, one of the features of this new browser, is that it displays your recent history whenever you open a new tab in a grid like format. So, apparently I read a lot of news, am constantly searching Craigslist for jobs (really!), downloading an ass-lod of free hip-hop (Stik Figa in da house!), looking at lots of free porn, indulging in my aircraft fetish and keeping touch with e-mail and Facebook. 

Astonishing, I know. 


borg_queen said...

This grid thingie they copied from Opera. Opera's better than anything. Opera rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, am a guy from India who reads your blog fairly regularly... and usually find it very entertaining ! I spent a happy summer at Chicago recently so love to see you talk about the city I so enjoyed !

Keep writing.


Nolan said...

That's funny cause I have an airline fetish also. Didn't know.

Anonymous said...

You know Chrome has an "Incognito Window" for those "naughty" websites you don't want anyone know you visit. This "incognito window" does not leave any history trace in the computer. Go to tools and select that option...Love Chrome!

dan said...

well mr. New York Times, excuse me! ha ha

Thomas said...

Fleshseeker? How unsatisfying, haha.