Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Oh man, there are few things I like better than when our illustrious OVERLOAD, aka Mayor Richard M Daley, goes ballistic during press conferences. He doesn't yell, no, he snarls and on occasion there appears to be spittle flying from his mouth. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The most recent press conference/rant touched upon the subject of this typically erroneous attack ad endorsed by geriatric wunderkind McCain. Take a look:

Now I could run around the web and gather various quotes and such to dispute all 76 words uttered in that ad, but I prefer Daley's response: "You want to get tough in politics, I can get tough in politics as anyone else," Daley said. "When you start throwing mud, mud is going to be thrown at you and it's going to be sticky." YIKES!

He then went on to remind us that McCain is one of the famous Keating Five. Oh snap! Forgot about that little "whoopsie" but now that I think about, how could anyone in their right mind want McCain to fix the housing crisis with blood like that on his hands?

Bottom line, leave the subject of Chicago politics out of the Presidential race. Besides being unrelated to more important concerns like foreign policy, health care, etc, it's just plain obvious. Politics in Chicago and Illinois is corrupt? WHOA! Thanks for blowing my fucking mind! Don't fuck with the Chicago Machine bitch, it'll bite your dick off.


ex-roomie said...

I love you, scrubbo.

ex-roomie said...

I can't stop laughing at that ad...

It's so BAD! It's completely retarded. I mean c'mon! Who the hell is friends with Blogojevich? Ever. Really. And Emil Jones, the political godfather? Fucking christ.

All of it. All of it! Like a comedy skit.

Fancy Pants said...

Go Daley! When idiots like McBush who was not only a part of the Keating Five but is also buddy-buddy with Gramm who helped destroy the Glass-Steagall act and cause the current SEVEN HUNDRED FUCKING BILLION DOLLAR crisis, well when idiots like try to say Daley is corrupt, it kinda makes me warm in me panties. As in I'm laughing so hard I piss a stream a mile long. Watch out McBush -- if you keep digging your own grave, Sister Palin's gonna have to start holding press conferences. Gasp.

borg_queen said...

If McCain wins, the rest of the world should get together to fuck America up (as if it wasn't fucked up already.) Like what I'm doing. I've been trying to boycott everything American for a few years now.

H. Alan Scott said...

i love it when he gets angry