Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Perhaps a more important question is, where will I put my shoes?

Last Monday I posted an ad online to rent out the spare room in my place, and within hours, I received about a dozen responses. A few were dismissed outright for various reason (no recent divorcees...thank you for the reply, but I don't need to deal with that emotional baggage) others for serious syntax errors, and a few more just because they didn't seem to have their shit together.

That being said, two replies seemed ideal for what I'm looking for, and even after talking to oth at great length last night, I am still undecided, but I need to make up my mind right quick, as I told both interested parties that I will let them know tomorrow who has won the elusive (and potentially regrettable) "prize" of being my New Roomie.

Candidate #1

"Seth" lives in Colorado and is a junior transferring to attend a semester at a University in Chicago this fall. He's straight, has a girlfriend, and seems a bit quirky (like I'm not?) but overall seems like a cool guy. He's only looking to live here for 6 months, and is ready and willing to FedEx me a check for August's rent even though he may not arrive until the end of that month.

He also is bringing nothing except himself and his clothes. He's literally looking for a place to crash, do homework and cook food. Though he has a handful of friends in Chicago, he seems intent on spending as much time as he can checking out the music scene and the general Wicker Park/Bucktown area. He seems low maintenance and has "no problem living with a gay dude". Word.

Candidate #2

"Anni" lives in New York City and just spent a year living in France teaching English (they still do that there?). She is coming to Chicago to take classes at Second City and/or I.O. and seems Unlike #1, she seems genuinely excited about living in a vintage Chicago apartment. Also, she "loves the gays" and counts several of her friends as such (does she have any hot friends?).

She's looking to relocate here for the long term and as such wants a 12 month commitment. I suspect she is inclined to decorate, and seems to have something to actually add to the place. Not that I really care about that, but still, her enthusiasm is infectious. Oh, and she likes to cook! Yum!

Bottom Line:

I can't make up my mind. Both seem really cool and I clicked with both instantly (via phone at least) and both need a place SOON. And I need to find a New Roomie since rent, gasoline and utilities are putting a serious crimp on my wallet.

Ugh, decisions! Either way, I think things will work out well, which is sorta the problem. I'd rather live with a guy, even a straight one, but #2 seems like a lot more fun, plus she will totally click with 2 of my neighbors that are into the theater scene. I think I might just flip a coin...


dollar said...

Go with the cute one. That mantra has never failed me, yet!

dailybriefing said...

Number Two.

Anonymous said...

Oof, has #1 thought about that commute?

But more importantly, what are their cleaning habits??

Chicago's Bi Guy said...

I'm wondering if you made a choice yet.. and if you have will you ever bring your new roomie out to meet your friends?

Devyn said...

My two cents worth... Go with the girl. The straight boy may say he is cool with a gay dude, but he might get squicked out if he hears you with another dude goin at it behind your closed bedroom door. (but then again, he may want to join you.)

Besides, do you want to look for yet another roommate in six months?

ex-roomie said...

The guy going to U of C knows that it will take him two hours on the CTA, right?

What will you do, ex-roomie?

Anonymous said...

Live with a girl, are you really gay? Go for the guy. How could you even think of living with another girl? You know their panty liners do not always stay in place, and you are going to get trace amounts (maybe more) of menstruated uterine lining all over the those beautiful hardwood floors.

Besides any straight guy that is “cool” with rooming with a gay guy will play, guaranteed. In fact, you may be able to show him the light, make him the love of your life, form a non-traditional family with mixed breed dogs and babies.

Doghigh said...

Go for Anni - you don't know me but seriously trust me on this one...

[Added bonus - I think she might make a better storyline on your blog]