Friday, June 20, 2008


Ahhhh, the first to official day of Summer. Has a certain ring to it, no? Here in Chicago, we tend to compress 12 months of life into 3 short months when it's not fucking freezing. From now until September there will innumerable street festivals, concerts, parades, baseball - all that shit. So let's get this party started...shall we? We shall!

First up, the infamous Crosstown Classic. This is a very special time of year in year the phrase "go back to Berwyn you white trash pigfucker" enters my vernacular. But please remember, it's nothing personal. Oh, and that thing I said about your Mom? I was only half joking! Last year was blow-out and if memory serves, we won the series 5-1. Both the Cubs and the Sox are in first place, which should lead to even more inventive, crass wordplay.

Music! Ever since I stole my brother's copy of Dilated Peoples "The Platform" waaaay back in the day I wanted to see these cats live. Tonight shall be that night and HOLYSHITAMIEXCITED! I don't even give a shit that I'm going alone, all I know is that I'll in the same room as Evidence, and frankly, the mere thought leaves me slightly tumescent.

More music! Tomorrow night the mothahfuckin' Drive By Truckers are going to RAWK the fuck out at the Taste of Randolph street fest. The last time I saw them I snuck a flask of bottle in ex-Roomie's bra. Seeing as everyone will be drunk in public, I shouldn't have to be nearly as covert. I am so getting Patterson Hood to sign my flask!

HOMOSEXUALS! Next weekend is the Pride Parade. If this year is anything like last year I'll get crunk with my lesbian friends and end up with an architect from Bogota in my bed, or something to that effect. Regardless, it should be a staggering display of debauchery. And this year I'm bringing extra batteries for my camera.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I will likely see you tomorrow night at Randolph!

jason said...

If you're in bed with an architect from Bogata, by all means, bring the extra batteries.
Have fun!

james said...

Oh Christ, I am dreading the inevitable 'We swept the white sux'! post. Well, go ahead, enjoy it. Ozzie Guillen is a douchebag, anyway, who got his pants managed off by lou pinella. Have fun at the freakin' world series. :(

Chicago's Bi Guy said...

I hope I get the chance to see you at Pride this weekend.. I have a few parties to attend but I will be there as early as my drunk butt will get me there.