Monday, March 31, 2008


The suburban office building near O'Hare Airport is at less than 50& occupancy. The 4th Floor that I work in houses a school for the local "rejects" (i.e. the misguided high school kids that are anything but) and my office. The rest of floor, and many below, are unoccupied.

Though I am not "In Love" with my job, I do very much like the fact that I no longer work for a large corporation. That being said, there was one major benefit that my former employer un-intentionally offered: eye candy, and lots of it.

The current job, not so much. There are 4 or 5 guys that work for a mortgage company on the 1st floor, and are all hot in their own ways, but none of them do it for me.

And then a few weeks ago I was having my customary 4:45 PM-ish smoke (see, I cleverly designed my schedule so that should be leaving at 5:30 PM, but since everyone leaves around 4 Pm or 4:45PM i wait them out then bail) when I noticed an attractive guy exiting a black Honda in the parking lot.

He was carrying a black laptop bag and thought "huh, he's cute, but probably doesn't work here...etc" but a few days later I was coming up from the basement stairs and saw the same guy sitting at the security desk.

Because this picture is not a good representation:

...I thought I would try me best to describe what he looks like.

Remember, this guy is not a model, rather he's somewhat average looking, but after seeing the same guy on multiple occasions for a moment or 2, I began to recognize the way that different light makes him look...and damn if he ain't HOT.

Last Friday, I was playing with my iPhone, Camel in hand and looked up when I heard someone approaching. It was HIM, but all I did was make a casual "how-ya-doin" head nod thing.

When I left work tonight I took the back stairs just so I could walk past him, and have some semblance of interaction (another polite head nod, this time with a few more milliseconds of eye contact. How lame is that?).

While stuck at a red light, I briefly thought of a far-fetched fantasy where I turn my car around, drive back to work and make out with the new security guard on the couch in the lobby of my office building...

...then after merging into light traffic, I gunned the engine on my car, turned off NPR, plugged in my iPod and proceeded to Rawk the Fuck out for the next 25 minutes.

Seeing as the Cubs lost today, and it was a Monday, overall, Today was a Good Day.

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jason said...

It's always amazing how the sighting of a hot guy can make a day good.

But it does.