Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Recently the Roomie and I have decided that when our lease is up at the end of June, we will be parting ways. In an effort to preserve our friendship, we both came to the conclusion that after almost 3 years of co-habitation, we need to live in different households.

This is a good thing. Neither of us are the easiest people to live with, and when you live with someone for a significant period of time little things start to bother you that didn't before. It's not as if you no longer are fond of one another, but little pet peeves tend to take on lives of their own...

So, seeing as she has already sown up her next move (she's moving in with a mutual friend of ours) I need to get my shit together. The options are obvious, I could seek out another Roomie, or get my own place. If I could afford it more easily than I could now, the decision would be easy, I would choose the latter.

What I really want to do, is to stay in my current residence, and if possible, without another Roomie. I love my apartment...while it lacks in amenities (not to mention water pressure), it's got character, as any place built in the 1920's, it just feels like home, and I am reluctant to leave it behind.

Problem is I would have to come up with at least another $500 every month to fill the void. I have floated various ideas to bridge the shortfall. Prostitution, running numbers, converting Roomie's bedroom into a methlab; however, seeing as I am not chemist, nor a criminal, none of these ideas have left the drawing board.

Just last night I was hanging out with a buddy, shooting pool, drinking and in general doing what guys do on Tuesday night...when a sudden flash of inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightning!

I realized the perfect Roomie was present, right under my very nose...

Now, I now what you might be thinking. "Hey Justin, that doesn't look like a Roomie that can split the rent with you! Are you mad?"

And to you I say, "no, I am not!".

Think about it, my friends and I L-O-V-E to shoot pool. At a buck a game, my New Roomie could easily generate the revenue necessary to replace current Roomie's contributions.

There is ample space, as this place is huge when compared to most apartments. Fuck, there would even be space for a wet bar to compliment New Roomie. I can't lose!

Seriously though, anyone know anyone looking for a place on the North Side? I'm gonna be financially FUCK-ED if I don't find someone to live with.


Chicago's Bi Guy said...

I guess it would all depend on what YOU are looking for in a room mate.

1. Are pets allowed
2. Smoker or Non-Smoker
3. Male/Female/Does not Matter
4. Gay/Straight/Bi/Does not matter
5. Is their share of the rent still 500
6. Does it include parking
7. What comes with the apartment (gas, electric, water etc.)
8. Is there any storage in the area
9. Is there a on site laundry room (if not is there a laundery mat close)
10. Will there be space for the other person to bring there furniture.

I guess you can tell I move a lot.

K said...

Perhaps I should move.....

Matt said...

Flicking through the Melbourne Gay Film Festival guide yesterday and what movie should be playing this year...none other than Outing Riley! I was like, hmmmm, I have heard of this movie, then I remembered where. You will be having your Aussie screen premier!