Monday, July 23, 2007


This isn't a post about me going to the horse track (although now that I think of it I should really go before the Summer is over) but rather about my gym, or more specifically the guys that attend said gym. To be even more specific, there are three guys in particular, all of whom I have little innocent (well, maybe not so innocent, haha) crushes on.

Now, it's rare that I go to the gym on Monday nights. Usually I'm still tired from the weekend and want to do little more than come home from work, crack open a cold one and lay on the couch and watch TV. Since I was lazy as hell last week and didn't go at all I figured I would make the extra effort to get off on the right foot this week. I went yesterday, and against the advice of the Roomie's cat (who wanted nothing more than for me to play with him) I decided to go tonight as well.

Crush #1

I'm stretching my legs, back and arms...and BOOM! Crush #1 appears. Let's call him Blue Eyes (for obvious reasons). Blue Eyes has been going to my gym for some time now but never once has he ever made any eye contact. Ever. That is, until I shaved off my mop back at the end of May. Now whenever I see him he gives me just a teeny, tiny time of his day and directs those piercing blue eyes my way. Sexxxy. However, I truly doubt that he wants me. He's so out of my league it's not even funny. If anything I simply look like someone he knows or knew. Dunno. Even if he was into me I doubt I would seriously be into him. He seems to be more looks than personality. Still, he makes me think dirty thoughts. Dirty, dirty thoughts. I seem to have caught him at the end of his workout because he vanished just as soon as he appeared.

Crush #2

After traversing 5 virtual miles on a elliptical machine I used the restroom and while walking out I see Crush #2. We'll call him Max because he looks a lot like the actor Max Minghella AND the guy I used to have a super powerful crush on at my old job. He's short and wiry but also has an amazing body which he likes to show off by wearing tight wife beaters. He was with a guy that seemed to be his boyfriend (body language and all that) who must be amazing in bed or have the world's best personality (maybe a bit of both) because he is not nearly as hot as my boy Max. He's not bad's just that Max's looks place him in the big leagues whereas his "boyfriend" is still playing Class A ball. Max got an an elliptical machine and flaunted his A+ ass while "boyfriend" and I drooled (me from afar). Damn, Max's eyebrows make my heart beat faster...

Crush #3

Walking over to the other end of the gym to use a few different machines I saw "Brad" (he just looks like a Brad). He was laying back on a bench press (perfect!) and looked up at me as I passed by. Now, out of these 3 guys this one is easily the one I'm most attracted to and not because he's the best looking (although I still think he's plenty hot). I've never talked to this guy but he just seems radiate positive energy. His eyes are soft and unassuming, and his arms are huge! Unlike my skinny, twiggy arms, his are ripped and have veins bulging out all over (please hold me!). We made a lot of eye contact, more than ever before. At one point I had my back to him while using an ab machine and when I turned around he made major eye contact. He actually held my eyes for what seemed like forever (even though it was probably only 2 seconds). I need to get the nerve to go and talk to him...

Well, there you have it. The first time I saw all 3 gym crushes in the same night...I need to work out on Monday's more frequently.

PS - I'm beginning to think the guy from the other night, AKA, the Hottest Boy I Have Ever Gotten Naked With might have just been a fluke. I really, really hope this is not the case but it's just a gut feeling I have. If it is, perhaps that will give me the motivation I need to talk to Crush #3/"Brad".


K said...

Seems like all hotties reside in the Gym. I am going to have to get my ass up in the place!

Dee said...

Sounds like I belong to the wrong gym. Maybe we can all join and get a group rate... LOL

J.R. said...

CUT TO: Brad's Blog

I don't know his name, but he looks like a "Justin..."

jay said...

J.R..that is hilarious!

My god man, you are in heat this summer. LOL. I love it.

Takes one to know one right? Well at least you're getting some :).