Saturday, July 14, 2007


-Climbing the stairs to the train platform last night I was struck by the utter hotness of this guy I saw riding the escalator. "Drake" is about 6' tall, shaggy brown hair, really tan, wearing a really cool pair of shorts and listening to his iPod (it was cute how his left headphone wouldn't stay in his ear). Homo that I am, I get on the same car he does and glance over at him at every chance I get while also trying not to be a stalker. I don't know what it is about some guys but even the way he sat in his seat, resting his arm over the back of said seat and tapping his feet to his music just blew me away. Unfortunately I had to get off the train to transfer north to go to my buddy's place and when I stood up his amazing grey-ish/blue-ish eyes meet mine. Oh man, even right now that image in my head makes my heart beat faster. What a fuckin' hottie.

-A friend I was with last night has been absent for about 6 months (he has a new girlfriend) accompanied me to the liquor store, and on our walk he asked me if I have been working out. I responded "yes, actually I was there just this morning". "you look good" he said. Coming from a straight guy compliments like that really flatter me. And I'm not trying to boast, (really I'm not) it's just that comments like that make me self conscious, but in this case, in a good way!

-My buddy is an amazing cook. Before we went to the show he made crab cakes with eggs Benedict (and biscuits). And just to show off he made his own sauce to top it all off. His girlfriend is so lucky! My cooking skills are limited to heating things up in a microwave or a toaster, so I was almost amazed watching him cook poached eggs (he might be on next week's "You Deserve a Blow Job" list just because of the meal he made).

-While my buddy was preparing dinner my other friend was busy getting us high as hell. It used to be that I could smoke and smoke and smoke but my unofficial New Year's resolution was to cut back on that, and I have yet a buy any of my own to this day. That being said, I still smoke a little here and there but my tolerance is down to that of your average high school freshman, which is, almost zero. Two hits and I was flying high all night.

-Transferring from the Red to the Green line I was approached by two flight attendants/tourists who asked me how to ride the train around "the Loop". This is not an uncommon occurrence; nearly every time I step foot in the Loop someone asks me for directions and usually I'm very helpful. But after smoking some high grade hydro and doing 3 shots of rum and drinking 3 beers, I am anything but helpful. My apologies to those nice ladies from San Antonio, I sincerely hope they didn't end up in the ghetto.

-Sonic Youth was good last night, but the sound fucking sucked. When I go to shows I expect to have my eardrums ringing when I leave; I could barely hear them over the small conversations taking place all around me. It was like watching a Cubs game (we won yesterday!) from the bleachers - which is another way of saying that it lacked intensity. Still, the park that it took place in is spacious and the ever present Sears Tower loomed overhead and had my back (it really is a comforting presence to me).

-So far what I have seen of this festival is good. Lots of port-o-potties, $1 bottles of water, $4 Goose Islands beers and laid back security. Last night my friends ran into a friend that is working the beer ticket booth so my hope is I'll get a few freebies today. And although the park is full of hipsters, everyone I talked to last night was super cool and super chill, more so than any "hippi" show I have been to in the last few years. Much to my amazement, there was a plethora of hot guys walking around. Woot-woot!

-Alright, if I leave now I can make it there to see Grizzly Bear at 3PM. Peace out y'all!


K said...

Haha, the park was full of hipsters.The new word you came up with the othernight comes to mind.

jay said...

Oh I'm the same. Microwave only. I fear I may run the local pizza shop out of business should I stop eating there lol.

VJ said...

I know what you mean about the guy you pursued from the platform. Some guys have that effect, they are hot no matter how the sit or pose.