Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After watching "Rebel Without a Cause" for the umpteenth time yesterday I remembered how the DVD I have has all these (to me at least) cool extra features. One of which is the PSA that James Dean was asked to make to counteract what Warner Brothers thought was an image problem with his propensity to race his hot Porsche on the weekends.

During the filming of "Giant" Dean agreed to film the following TV spot to encourage teenagers not to drive recklessly. Check it out...

James Dean : Driving Safety

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Sadly, he died only weeks later in a horrific freak car accident. Regardless, he looks adorable holding that rope and wearing that cowboy hat.

The car involved in said accident was a Porsche 550 Spider and is pictured below:

He named his car "The Little Bastard". Well, I do not drive a 1955 Porsche 550, but I have been searching for a suitable nickname for my little Japanese sports car (same color as Dean's!) and have finally settled on one: "The Little Bad-Ass".

Initially I was striving for a suave female nickname for my ride but none stuck. Plus, I realized that my car is a boy at heart (and a bad boy at that - the 7800 RPM red line is proof of that).

My bitch has balls. Take that how you will.


Silly Billy said...

I'll take it in several ways thank you.

JUSTIN said...

And I'll give it as such, haha.