Wednesday, July 25, 2007


After I wrote the previous post I watched this video. Though it might seem a tad incongruous, several parallel thoughts occurred to me when listening to the lyrics in light of thinking about the first guy I hooked up with in regards to the most recent, that must sound vague but certain things are clear in mind...perhaps I will be able to clarify my thoughts at a later date.

In the meantime...check out this sweet video:


K said...

I sooooo want those white glasses! They are so fly, but I wonder how one would be able to see w them on? Ahhh the price we pay for fashion.

Hamilton said...

his ego overshadows everything that he does. It is too much for his own good. If everyone had an interest in him when he just came out, at least half of them are done with him because of his cocky ways. I am one of that half.

JUSTIN said...

I agree that he is indeed cocky as hell. I'll even go on record as saying that he is a mediocore rapper, but his skills in slinging beats together is superb. Just remember, Kayne is a producer moonlighting as an MC.