Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The above image has been appropriated as a motivational tool to get me off my ass and to the gym on a more consistent basis. Or ride a bike more often. Or take boxing classes (not sure that's gonna happen, but that fine man is making me want to, not to mention encouraging me to get a tattoo or 3).

Last Friday I was at my brothers place for dinner and drinks. Sorting through his CD books, my jaw nearly hit the floor when I came across the following CD's that I had long since written off as lost forever:

-The Specials/"The Specials
-The Vindictives/"The Many Moods of the Vindictives"
-Screeching Weasel/"Kill The Musicians"
-88 Fingers Louie/"Behind Bars"
-Sidekick Kato/"I Think I'm in Love" & "1st Class Chump"

These 6 CD's were staples of mine in and after high school when I was really into punk rock. Much to my amazement they still sound good to these ears. Even more surprising is that they survived living with my brother for 5+ years without being scratched. Rock on!

Last night I met a friend at a bar for dinner and drinks. Whoa. The guy behind the bar was hot as hell. Here's a description, 6'2", maybe 175 lb, light brown eyes and dark brown hair. Broad shoulders and thick, trendy eyeglasses. Damn. What a fine specimen. The best part was that whenever I looked at him he was already looking at me. Perhaps he overheard me telling my friend about the blowjob from the other night, dunno. He's super cute and makes me feel like a 12 year old girl. I think I need to go back there and introduce myself.

Lastly, fireworks! Rather than brave the 1 million or so people that packed themselves into Grant Park for the big show last night, I watched the display on a TV at the bar. However, in just a few shorts hours I should see an even more impressive display. If tonight was anything like last year the big park in my 'hood will be transformed into a nightmarish display of naked firepower. This is not sanctioned by the city or anything. Instead dozens of people get drunk and light shit up. Not very safe, but very fun.

Happy Birfday America!

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jay said...

LOL. Hot bartenders rock. Maybe you should go back there lol. yeah, alot of crazy ppl did the same thing here, i swore someone was gonna lose a finger.