Monday, June 18, 2007


This Hottie was found on a new blog that was tailor made for me, "Hot Jock of the Day". In addition to shirtless gymnasts they have lots of hot pictures of baseball players (also a weakness of mine) not to mention pictures of rodeo cowboys (also a weakness - I'm not joking, those guys are hot as hell).

Speaking of things that are hot as hell, the atmosphere in my apartment could accurately be described as "sweltering". The Roomie's cats look miserable and keep giving me looks like "you with the opposable thumbs, can't you do something about this oppressive heat"? Sorry cats, outside of aiming the fans at you there's not much I can do. And stop fucking shedding!

Yet another thing that could qualify as hot as hell is the text message I just got from the Colombian Architect: "Hello Justin, I hope you had a good day! Have a good night! XOXO". Awww, I think he likes me! In fact, despite it being a Monday, today was a good day. Not sure why as nothing in particular occurred, but my overall mood could be described as "buoyant".

Finally, and this is not what it might sound like, but my butt got a thorough work out last night. After talking about doing so for some time I finally took my Roomie up on her offer (wait for it) to borrow her bike whiles she's gone. It was literally the first time in years that I've rode a bike, and I must say, it was rather pleasant roaming the dark Chicago side streets at night. I intend to do so yet again... just not tonight - it's too fucking hot.


JP Mac said...


Dee said...

Wow I can't believe you went out in the heat and rain yesterday you're a better man then I am. Oh and on a personal note I also love gymnasts... What's not to love about them they are musuclar and very flexible.

jay said...

Ok, so what did you respond saying. Details buddy!

You've been tagged btw, visit my blog post #224 for details!

VJ said...

Cowboys are hot, Gymnasts as well. Very good find you got there (blog and architecto).

Just be careful where you ride at night.

Jock pup said...

Glad you like! It's creator and I are most happy to have you. (And be sure to check in tomorrow, you might like what you find)

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Yummy gymnasts.... But can't say that specific one is doing much for me though.

Please don't lynch me for saying that.

about a boy said...

great pic. i actually have another shot of the very same gymnast. sigh.