Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This is my 100-th post! Per blogger tradition, here's a 100 things about me:

1. I once had a Jesus sex dream.
2. Cinnamon is my arch nemesis.
3. While drawing one day in 5th grade I somehow managed to stab my left hand with a pencil, the tip of which is still lodged in my left hand.
4. My latent Chicago accent rears it's ugly head after a few drinks.
5. Although I grew up in the Chicagoland area, I was actually born outside of Toronto, thus I have dual-citizen-ship, (it's my get out of jail free card!).
6. The first car I drove after getting my license was my Mom's white 1994 Pontiac Trans Am, (275 horsepower V-8 engine yo!).
7. I'm about almost 8 inches taller than my older brother.
8. The first time I got drunk was at a frat party at OSU; I was in 7th grade.
9. I can't grow a beard or a mustache to save my life.
10. Without contacts or my glasses I can't see 3 feet in front of me.
11. I can only write in upper case.
12. The first time the concept of multiplication was introduced to me I cried.
13. I once drove a purple Lincoln Continental while high in acid.
14. There's a scar above my left eye from cracking my head open as a child.
15.For about the first year or so after I was born I had to wear casts in both of my legs so they would grow in the right direction.
16. My Mom always reminds how I almost never cried as a baby.
17. The first concert I ever saw was New Kids on the Block in 4th grade.
18. When I was 5 years old I had my first sip of beer at my family's Christmas party, (so I've been told).
19. I have an almost super-human resistance to any kind of motion sickness.
20. I don't eat sweets nor chocolate.
21. Although my short term memory can be faulty, my long term memory is impeccable.
22. The only time I was ever mugged was by a pack of Algerians in Paris, right off the Champs Elysee, (and no, the fuckers did NOT get my Francs).
23. I live with 2 cats and an archaeologists.
24. I have more female than male friends.
25. There's a picture of Vladimir Putin in my bathroom next to the toilet paper dispenser.
26. There's a picture of Karl Rove in my bathroom above the toilet.
27. There used to be a picture of George Bush on the back of the toilet lid.
28. I subscribe to the Economist, Car & Driver, the Atlantic Monthly, Wired and Details.
29. Favorite band: The Drive By Truckers.
30. I have never owned an American car.
31. By no means am I a vegetarian, but I can't eat meat off of a bone.
32. Best celebrity sighting? Bob Vila diving into the pool at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica.
33. I made a short film about the human reproductive process set to Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing".
34. I made a parody of "The Color of Money" in high school.
35. If I could have sex with any dead celebrity, hands down, it would be James Dean, (Montgomery Clift is a close 2nd).
36. I've driven from Chicago to LA, Chicago to upstate New York and Chicago to Miami.
37. I can deal with extreme cold much better than extreme heat.
38. I rarely if ever get tan, thus I'm prone to getting burnt.
39. I dropped ecstasy for the first time on the night of my Senior Prom.
40. Random strangers in my neighborhood ask me if I'm Russian or Ukrainian, (I'm German, thanks people).
41. The first and only time I ever kayaked was across a channel near Juneau, Alaska. A pod of killer whales circled us the for much of the 3+ hour journey.
42. I've developed an unfortunate habit of knocking my roommate's plants over.
43. I can tell you the make and model of any car on any given street.
44. Hunter S. Thompson is my favorite writer.
45. Grades 1-8 were spent at a strict Catholic elementary school, (surprise surprise!).
46. Roughly half of my friend's are Jewish.
47. Though I've tried my hand at the guitar, piano and drums, I can't play and of them.
48. I've never had a piercing or a tattoo.
49. I cringe at the sight of blood.
50. Coffee? Never had more than a few sips in my entire life.
51. It's rare for me to sleep past 9AM, no matter how late I stay up.
52. I can't cook for shit.
53. I have an "internal compass" and can almost always find my way around.
54. I've taken Aspirin/Advil maybe 4 times in the last 6 months.
55. Sunday is my favorite day of the week, and Monday is always the worst.
56. I don't have a "type" but I'm more attracted to Latinos than any other ethnicity.
57. I'm not a gambler but I love playing poker.
58. I'm a sucker for British accents (especially working class ones, though I can't understand a single word of it, haha).
59. My dream job? Operating a wreaking ball!
60. My worst job? When I was 15 I worked at Boston Market for 2 days.
61. In the last 6 months I went to Phoenix twice, St. Louis twice, Omaha twice, Cabo San Lucas and DC once.
62. My drink of choice is Jameson's, straight up.
63. It broke my heart but I once threw 2 grams of the best bud I've ever smoked into a canal in Amsterdam right before I hopped in a cab to go to the airport.
64. The best flight I ever had was from Amsterdam to Chicago...my father and I got bumped up to first class and I drank my way across the North Atlantic in Style.
65. I really need a fucking haircut.
66. If you haven't noticed from my 99 other posts, I use the word "fuck" a lot.
67. I'm a really, really messy toothbrush er.
68. Speaking of dental care, I have a very high tolerance for pain and once had a cavity filled without benefit of Novocaine or any other painkillers.
69. Not my favorite sexual act, but by no means is it my least favorite.
70. The smell of a Home Depot turns me on, (it's the lumber, haha).
71. I never wear cologne.
72. The longest concert I ever experienced was Phish's New Year's 2000 show in Florida. That shit went from 9PM to 5AM.
73. I like to listen to my music really, really loud, (especially in the car).
74. I can't tie a tie.
75. Right now I'm wearing black boxer briefs, Addias soccer shorts, a white t-shirt and a black hoodie.
76. This shit is harder than I thought it would be...my favorite color is dark smokey gray.
77. Overlooking my bed is a framed poster of Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver"; that shit is bad-ass.
78. I don't wear any jewelry, not even a watch. Ever.
79. The sight of a hot guy in a baseball uniform melts my mind.
80. I'm prone to judge a guy's looks based on his eyebrows.
81. My favorite part of a guy's body is his neck.
82. If I could change one thing about my body, it would be my pecs.
83. That being said, my legs and thighs kind of make up for that...amongst other things.
84. I consider my huge Irish friend my personal body guard, he'll kick your ass if you fuck with me!
85. I have a mirror with Clark Gable's face embedded into it in my hallway.
86. I get carded everywhere I go.
87. I never have cash on me.
88. My car is all the woman I'll ever need.
89. Love the sound of crickets at night.
90. Favorite sexual position? I like a guy on top riding me.
91. Making out is more intimate than sex.
92. I really like sneakers and would have a closet full of them if I could afford it.
93. I wear Jeans more often than not.
94. I don't bite my nails.
95. I have over 20 white t-shirts.
96. I drink shitty beer, (hey, Midwestern' boy here).
97. I'm a night owl and have a hard time falling asleep before 1AM.
98. Total neat freak! My closet is organized by color.
99. My middle name is Evan.
100. See below for a partial picture of me....


Hamilton said...

HAR HAR HAR i can' even finish the whole thing before I have to comment on somthing!

The first one, JEsus sex dream huh, that is fucking awesome.

"I am almost 8 inch". I was like whoa, then taller. oooo....

Your mom is a baller apparently, 275 hp... god that is nice.

Also well this is like no brainer, that you can drink and like to party hehehe. 7th grade how did you get into a frat, that frat should be investigated. imagine that on the News...

Hamilton said...

now finished. Even more attractive now hahaha. You should show your eyes coz they are awesome

Dee said...

Hey... is that a Cubs hat...LOL Wow now I feel like I know so much more about you. Maybe I should post a picture or something.

mstpbound said...

how do you judge a guy based on his eyebrows? haha you should explain! :)

Silly Billy said...

Ok, I am exhausted now.

Funny, my NY accent rears its ugly head when I drink, although some people say I have when not drinking, but I disagree

I don't eat sweets either (though I do eat chocolate) and I have a terrible short term memory - could the two be related?

Anonymous said...

you have really nice skin...wish we could see your eyes tho

JUSTIN said...

I might have to save my eyes for my 200th post, (or get a better monitor).

I've worn that hat since the ill-fated 2003 Cubs season, and I'll wear it until my boys get to the playoffs again.

jay said...

Happy 100th!

I can't cook for shit either but I can definitely sleep past 9am even if I went to bed at 10pm the night before.

Si Senor. latinos are indeed a hott bunch.

Anyways, I didn't know that on post 100 you do 100 things...oh well. Long gone now.

VJ said...

Happy 100th!

I have to say that I am not a meat lover either. I prefer them boneless.

Number 90... Well... I smiled when I read 90.

I love the middle name... Evan

Finally, Thats a very sexy picture of you! I love pictures that reveal but at the same time are soo mysterious.

VJ said...

Oh, one last thing.

Of course we Latinos are too Caliente and sabroso not to be a sexy bunch.


Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Happy hundredth.

Total Neat freak huh? Would never have seen that one coming! Scarily my wardrobe is organised by colout too.

I know all about the glasses. In the morning it takes me a good 10 minutes finding them.

And for pete's sake why not have this 'tip' removed from your arm. And fuck do I know all about scars - I have about 5... only four are from my youth!